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Successful surgery jump starts Rapinoe’s recovery

On Wednesday, November 15, OL Reign’s PR team released a statement that Megan Rapinoe “underwent successful surgery to repair her torn Achilles tendon,” and will “immediately begin the recovery process during retirement.” Days ago, just three minutes into the NWSL final match between NJ/NY Gotham FC and Rapinoe’s OL Reign, the star forward took a bad step, fell to the ground, and was helped off the field minutes later. Because the injury occurred in a non-contact moment for Rapinoe, it was confusing for many, who learned the true nature of the injury – a torn Achilles tendon – as the game played on. The final match was always slated to be Rapinoe’s last – earlier this year, she announced her retirement at the end of the 2023 season and her plan to play as far as the season would take her – but it was certainly not the way she planned to retire, nor was it the way her fans expected to watch her go out. So, while Rapinoe can take it easy with her recovery, with no return-to-play in sight, the news of her surgery remains a quick and positive development. 

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