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FIFA President calls out unacceptably low broadcasting rights bids

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has called out the ‘Big 5’ European countries for their unacceptably low bids for broadcasting rights while speaking at Making Trade Score for Women! Infantino went so far as to say that if the unfair offers continue they will be “forced not to broadcast the FIFA Women’s World Cup into the ‘Big 5’ European countries.” He also reiterated, “100% of any rights fees paid would go straight into women’s football, in our move to promote actions towards equal conditions and pay.” Infantino also provided some detailed numbers on those disappointing bids, saying they offered 20 to 100 times less than they did for the FIFA Men’s World Cup, adding that they paid $100-200 million for the men’s competition but are offering only $1-10 million for the women’s tournament coming this July.

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