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Dryfeet: Improving performance in wet conditions

We recently had the chance to test out the innovative product Dryfeet from Dryworld Industries, an all-weather technical compression sleeve which slips over the cleat to keep feet warm and dry in wet conditions.

I personally ran into numerous issues with rain-soaked fields in my playing days. I played college ball in central New York, where October could be beautiful one year and snow-filled the next. But we played through it, and every piece of gear you could imagine was necessary.

I once literally played with some plastic bags on the inside of the cleats to keep my feet dry, and I know I’m not alone in having done that. So a product like Dryfeet is pretty cool, especially for those of you playing up in the trenches of New York, or, you know the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest or somewhere.

The concept alone is appealing, and as a guy who still plays (once this nagging foot surgery recovery is over), a natural concern for a product like this is touch and control. I where Puma Kings and I love them — I’ve worn different models of the boot on and off for 10 years. But there are no bells and whistles to those cleats, so there aren’t any special sections of grip on them like you might find on synthetics. Therefore, I actually felt like grip on the ball was improved — not just sustained — while wearing Dryfeet. Touch certainly wasn’t compromised, and I didn’t feel constricted nor like I had added weight on my foot. I type this on another damp fall day in the Northeast — surely one in which Dryfeet would be useful for players of any competition level.

Amongst the pros who use it — from soccer players to rugby players — is FC Kansas City and Canadian national team defender Lauren Sesselmann, who made the NWSL second team Best XI in 2013.

Check out the product yourself here and enter the code “equalizersoccer” for a discount.


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