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A scheduling win for the NWSL? Yes. Decision Day, whiparound show delivered

Simultaneous kickoffs for all six games — all of which impacted the playoff race — were a welcome first, and CBS’ whiparound show handled the chaos with poise.

Jonathan Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Almost every week in which National Women’s Soccer League matches are played simultaneously, you’ll find fans haranguing about having to make a choice between them. Every week except the last weekend of the regular season, that is.

That’s when choices take a back seat to fairness and the clamoring is for all the kickoffs to be the same. That way, no team has the advantage of waiting out other results. We’ll save the (legitimate) reasons why it took until 2023 to finally implement NWSL Decision Day, but in a rare moment of good karma, the first go at it on Sunday just happened to produce six matches, all of which had a chance to impact some portion of the playoff race.

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The NWSL not only lined up the kickoff times to Sunday at 5 p.m. ET, but they doubled down by using the television window on CBS Sports Network to produce a whiparound show, complete with sponsorship by CarMax, with all six matches available on streaming service Paramount Plus.

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