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Why Angel City hasn’t lost in three months and whether it’s enough for a playoff berth

– Haračić has a hot hand
– Gorden is playing better than ever after returning from injury
– McCaskill is thriving as a No. 10

Photo Copyright EM Dash for USA TODAY Sports

You’ve read plenty about the resurgence of Angel City FC under interim head coach Becki Tweed, beneficiaries of a classic New Manager Bounce™. Since Freya Coombe’s dismissal on June 15th, no team has accumulated more points. No team has conceded fewer goals. No team has racked up a better goal difference. Players are singing Tweed’s praises to the heavens. The vibes have been, as the kids say, immaculate. Should the side make the playoffs—or even the NWSL Championship—team president Julie Uhrmann and general manager Angela Hucles Mangano will feel the pressure to drop the “interim” tag from Tweed’s job description.

Given all of the positive results, the performances themselves should be well above those under Coombe. Check out how Angel City’s raw goals and xG totals compare from the absolute bummer Coombe’s regime represented to the effervescence of Tweed’s. 

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