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2023 Women's World Cup

How ‘Chef T’ is fueling Canada at the World Cup

Teren Green cooked for the USWNT at the 2019 World Cup. This time, he’s helping Canada fuel up for the big stage. He spoke exclusively with EQZ in Australia.

(Photo Copyright Canada Soccer)

Reporting from Melbourne, Australia.

The Canadian players the world sees battling at the World Cup are in peak physical condition. Helping them prepare before and after each match is a support staff behind the scenes that otherwise goes unseen.

Teren Green is Canada’s team chef at the World Cup. Affectionately known as “Chef T,” the Highland Park, Michigan, native is working at his third senior national team World Cup and his second in less than a year. It’s his first Women’s World Cup with Canada after serving as team chef for the United States in 2019.

Green has a staff of six to 10 people on a given day. He also works closely with the staff at the team hotel. A catering department helps bring in all the food that he and his staff prepare, which includes three meals per day. Then there are snacks and player requests, plus special orders for people who are vegan, are vegetarian or have other dietary requirements.

“We have fish options, beef options, chicken options with every meal,” Green tells The Equalizer over a pastry at Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne. “Just a ton of variety, but also it has to make sense. We kind of base things off of themes. We’ll have Mexican one night, Indian another night, a pasta station one night. Each of those themes will have those three proteins with a various amount of vegetables and carbs.”

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