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The Rodman-Sanchez connection is already prospering for the Spirit

Photo Copyright Erica McCaulley for The Equalizer

Every now and again a moment comes that, as the years roll on, burns in your memory because it was the start of something truly special. It is often impossible to know that in real time. Sometimes, however, you have an inkling.

It is way too early to get carried away about Trinity Rodman and Ashley Sanchez, but Thursday night’s National Women’s Soccer League Challenge Cup home opener for the Washington Spirit saw the duo, whose ages total up to 40, control the second half against Racing Louisville. In the end they got their moment with a little help from Tori Huster, whose nine seasons playing in the NWSL account for half of the years Rodman has been alive.

“Very happy for them both,” Spirit coach Richie Burke said. “I hope it continues, but [they have] sort of developed a nice little relationship, a nice little understanding. They find each other, look for each other. When you get a 92nd- or 93rd-minute goal in a game of this nature, we’ll take it.”

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