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Kickin’ Back with Lesle Gallimore

Lesle Gallimore is the commissioner of the newly formed Girls Academy, and elite youth league which was formed after U.S. Soccer dissolved the Development Academy. Gallimore is a longtime coach and has a vision for a unified approach to youth soccer and one which eventually incorporates support from the professional ranks. She shares her visionary plans on the latest Kickin’ Back.

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Editing and production: Claire Watkins.

Here’s an outline of our conversation and rough timestamps for each topic:

4:00 – How she became commissioner of the Girls Academy after over 25 years as head coach at the University of Washington

13:00 – Gallimore’s desire for a more unified approach to youth soccer

19:00 – ‘I just want what the boys have’: The future of girls youth soccer in the professional development pipeline

27:00 – How the U.S. youth national teams stack up

31:00 – The need for more women in coaching, and the Jill Ellis Scholarship Fund, and Lesle’s involvement in the SheChampions Mentorship Program

34:30 – Planning a league during the pandemic


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