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Racing Louisville FC announces itself to the world amid an unforeseen 2020 calendar

The National Women’s Soccer League‘s newest club made a major announcement Wednesday, unveiling its name, crest, and colors ahead of its 2021 expansion season. Racing Louisville FC will use lavender and midnight violet as their primary colors (with mint green accents), along with a logo featuring the fleur de lis, for next year’s debut.

When Louisville was announced last October, much was made about the lengthy runway the team had to prepare to take the field. Prior expansion teams had six months or less from announcement to kickoff. Even the league’s eight founding clubs had less than six months to build buzz ahead of the NWSL’s 2013 debut. At the time, no one could have suspected the league would be running a patchwork 2020 calendar after having to abruptly halt preseason in March due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“On the NWSL side, we continued doing what we were doing anyway, which was participating in the board meeting and the government structure, and we’re actively participating in the running of the league,” club president Brad Estes recently told The Equalizer.

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