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Kickin’ Back with Ali Riley

Ali Riley is the current captain of the New Zealand women’s national team and she is set to play in the U.S. again for the first time in nearly a decade after signing with the Orlando Pride. Ali discusses her career and lessons from Europe, playing for New Zealand after growing up in California and fighting for the next generation of women’s players. She also shares some of her favorite vegan recipes, as well as her choice for the best of the many videos she created back in the day.

Ali also hosts her own podcast, Girls with Balls, in which she interviews other players. Click here to find that on Apple or Spotify.

Thanks to Ali for Kickin’ Back for this fun conversation. We hope you enjoy it!

Listen to the entire episode here:

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Editing and production: Claire Watkins.

Here are rough timestamps of the topics Ali and I spoke about in this debut episode:

2:00 — Why come to the NWSL now? On what changed since experiencing WPS fold

14:00 — Pro team No. 4 with Marta, picking up where they left off

19:30 — Who wins: FC Gold Pride vs. WNY Flash?

22:00 — #Content: What are you working on right now? (Ali on Insta: @rileythree)

27:30 — Developing her technical side in her younger years

33:00 — Starting with New Zealand as a teenager, fighting for the next generation

44:00 — Creating content, her shining YouTube moment with Kelley O’Hara, vegan recipes and best memories in Europe

Last but not least, the epic video we discuss:

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