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2019 Women's World Cup

An ugly win for France, but three points nonetheless

Photo Copyright Daniela Porcelli

Wendie Renard own goal.

If you can come up with four unlikelier words, either relating to this World Cup or to the usual order of affairs in the world at large, I’d like to hear them.

And yet, that moment — when Renard poked her toe out to ever so delicately redirect a ball that seemed destined to roll harmlessly over France’s end line, instead sending it into the back of their net — is not the takeaway for Les Bleues in their match against Norway.

Even if that moment can be taken as part of one pattern in the team’s performance — the first half, especially, was marked by a handful of unforced defensive mistakes by players like Amel Majri and Marion Torrent, some of which Norway was almost able to capitalize on — it’s not, at least publicly, what the team is focusing on.

“These things happen,” said Amandine Henry after the game. “I didn’t have much time to talk to [Renard] on the field but I told her, ‘it’s no big deal, it happens, it’s in the past.’”


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