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2019 Women's World Cup

Amel Majri, France: 2019 Women’s World Cup Influencer

Illustration: EQZ/Photo: Daniela Porcelli

In the hype around a big tournament, it’s easy to build a narrative that begins and ends with a team’s biggest star. But the players who make or break a squad are often further down the depth chart. Their success or failure will dictate a team’s tournament. These are The Influencers.

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Amel Majri, France
Date of birth: 25 January 1993
Place of birth: Monastir, Tunisia
Position: Anywhere/everywhere on the left
Superpower: Ubiquity

Lyon’s Tunisian-born Amel Majri is not a defender. Amel Majri is so not a defender, she may need to get business cards made that introduce her as such. However, for Lyon, Majri has frequently found herself starting at left back instead of left-wing – her natural position. With the funds at Lyon’s disposal, it’s clearly not a financial or logistical issue that has seen the winger shifted back into the last line of defense, but rather the desperate hunger to have her on the pitch no matter what.

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