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The Equalizer Podcast Live from the 2019 USC Convention: Yael Averbuch on the state of the NWSL

Photo Copyright Erica McCaulley for The Equalizer

National Women’s Soccer League Players Association president Yael Averbuch joins the podcast to discuss the recent unionization of the PA, her immediate playing future as she works to get healthy, and her passion for her training business, Techne Futbol.

No, we weren’t recording in the Hyatt. (Listen and you’ll understand.)

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On the NWSLPA becoming a recognized union:

“We wanted to get that union status. It’s a really important step for us to have a little bit more of some bargaining power and a seat at the table in terms of league conversations, which is really all we’re looking for right now. I’ve said so many times: we are not coming to the league with a list of demands that they need to give us. We’re coming to the league saying, ‘How can we achieve our mutual goal of improving things?’”

On her health and plans for 2019:

“I went into the season with the Seattle Reign kind of knowing that it was a little bit of a longshot for me to be able to contribute consistently. I gave it a go; I went through preseason, tried my best. But I was only able to play in one game all season, unfortunately it was a game we lost, to North Carolina [Courage]. So I was like, great thanks.

“I was disappointed with the fact that I wasn’t able to contribute on the field in Seattle much. I trained a little bit when I could. But really, my health was my main focus and still is, actually, now. I’m in the process of, unfortunately, still not being 100 percent healthy. I set myself a little bit of a cutoff to decide 100 percent if I’ll be able to play this upcoming season, 2019.”

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