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NWSL releases complete list of draft registrants

Left to right: Rose Lavelle, Toni Payne, Morgan Andrews, and Jane Campbell all figure to have their names called on draft day.

Left to right: Rose Lavelle, Toni Payne, Morgan Andrews, and Jane Campbell all figure to have their names called on draft day.

The NWSL has released the list of over 200 collegiate soccer players who have officially registered for the 2017 College Draft. The deadline for registering the draft was yesterday, January 11, so the list below is the final list of registrants for the draft. The 2017 NWSL College Draft will be held on Thursday, January 12 at 3 p.m. EST.

Name                                                           College                                                         Position(s)

Amber Adams                                                  Coastal Carolina                                             F/D
Lindsay Agnew                                                Ohio State                                                        F/D
Mariel Akaogi                                                  Cal State, Long Beach                                    D
Jacqueline Altschuld                                     San Diego                                                          F/M/D
Brittany Ambrose                                           Santa Clara                                                      F/M
Morgan Andrews                                            USC                                                                    F/M/D
Alexa Antetomaso                                          Georgia                                                             F/D
Samantha Arellano                                         UC Riverside                                                    M
Emily Armstrong                                             Connecticut                                                     GK
Sydney Arnold                                                 Marshall                                                           F/M/D
Catrina Atanda                                                Clemson                                                           M

Victoria Back                                                   Texas A&M-Commerce                                 F/D
Rylee Baisden                                                  Pepperdine                                                      F/M/D
Eva Banton                                                      Florida Tech                                                    M/D
Victoria Barba                                                 San Diego State                                              M
Maryse Bard-Martel                                      Memphis                                                          GK
Brianna Barreiro                                            UTEP                                                                M/D
Nicole Bates                                                    Fordham                                                           D
Kavita Battan                                                  Idaho                                                                 F/M
Maddie Bauer                                                  Stanford                                                           D
Rashida Beal                                                    Minnesota                                                        D
Jenny Bitzer                                                     Manhattan College                                        M/D
Alyssa Bois                                                       Brevard                                                             M/D
Ellie Boon                                                         Portland                                                            M/D
Taylor Borman                                                Samford                                                            M
Bronwyn Boswell                                            Evansville                                                         F/M
Jessica Brooksby                                             Utah State                                                        F/M
Anjelyka Brown                                               Santa Clara                                                      M/D
Brenna Brown                                                 Fairfield                                                            F/M
Paige Brown                                                     Texas                                                                 GK
Stephanie Bukovec                                         Belmont                                                            GK
Emily Byorth                                                   Clemson                                                            M/D
Gabby Byorth                                                  Clemson                                                            M

Jane Campbell                                                 Stanford                                                           GK
Fennefoss Carlotta                                         South Florida                                                   D
Cameron Castleberry                                     UNC                                                                  M
Darienne Chapman                                        Tulsa                                                                 F/M/D
Summer Clarke                                               LSU                                                                   F/M
Marti Corby                                                     Grand Valley State                                          M
Mackenzie Cowley                                         George Washington                                        F
Meghan Cox                                                    Virginia                                                             D
April Cronin                                                    Valparaiso                                                        F/M
Marion Crowder                                             Georgia                                                             F/M/D

Madison Damm                                              Connecticut                                                     F/M
Aleah Davis                                                      UTEP                                                                 M/D
Hanna de Haan                                               Portland                                                            GK
Melanie Donaldson                                        University of Missouri-Columbia                 M
Meggie Dougherty Howard                          Florida                                                               M
Hayley Dowd                                                   Boston College                                                 F
Ally Doyle                                                         Fordham                                                           D
Chelsea Drennan                                            South Carolina                                                 F/M
Nickolette Driesse                                          Penn State                                                        M/D
Sydney Drinkwater                                        Florida Atlantic                                               GK
Callie Duliba                                                    Villanova                                                          M/D

Elizabeth Enna                                                 Benedictine College                                       F/M/D
Taylor Estrada                                                 Kansas                                                               M/D
Danica Evans                                                   Colorado                                                          F

Sarah Ashley Firstenberg                              UNC                                                                  F/M
Kendall Fischlein                                            Wake Forest                                                    F/M/D
Megan Fitzgerald                                            Fordham                                                          GK
Emma Fletcher                                                UC Berkeley                                                     M
Caroline Flynn                                                 Nebraska                                                          F/M/D
Garzelloni Fran                                               Denver                                                               F/M
Taylor Francis                                                 Pittsburgh                                                         GK
Mandy Freeman                                              USC                                                                    M/D

Hanna Gardner                                                UNC                                                                   D
Sarah Ghaffoor                                                Chowan University                                          M/D
Christina Gibbons                                           Duke                                                                  M/D
Carly Gould                                                      Brown                                                                M
Ana Greik                                                          DePaul                                                               F

Helene Haavik                                                 Oregon State                                                   M/D
Lindsey Harris                                                  UNC                                                                   GK
Ashley Hatch                                                    Brigham Young                                               F
Jenna Hellstrom                                              Kent State                                                        F/M/D
Ashley Herndon                                               James Madison                                               F/M
Rachel Hill                                                        Connecticut                                                     F/M
Tarah Hobbs                                                    Minnesota                                                        GK
Megan Howard                                                Webber International                                    M/D
Kelli Hubly                                                        DePaul                                                              F/D

Krystina Iordanou                                           Virginia                                                             D
Madison Irwin                                                 New Mexico                                                      F/M

Anna Rosa James Buhigas                            Lipscomb                                                          GK
Darian Jenkins                                                 UCLA                                                                F/M
Jordan Jesolva                                                 Santa Clara                                                      F/M
Devlyn Jeter                                                     Portland                                                            F/M/D
Kaitlyn Johnson                                              Washington State                                           F/M
Katie Johnson                                                  USC                                                                    F/M
Jaycie Johnson                                                Nebraska                                                          F/M
Savannah Jordan                                            Florida                                                               F

Hanna Kallmaier                                            Kansas                                                               M/D
Serina Kashimoto                                           Butler                                                                F/M/D
Lauren Kaskie                                                 UCLA                                                                 M/D
Storm Kenui                                                    Hawaii, Manoa                                                M/D
Simone Kolander                                            Minnesota                                                         F/M
Amanda Kopale                                               Florida State                                                    GK
Kristin Kramer                                                Nebraska-Kearney                                          F
Kaleigh Kurtz                                                   South Carolina                                                F/D
Kourtney Kutscher                                         Cal State, Northridge                                     F/M

Andie Lakin                                                     Vanderbilt/Louisville                                     M
Rose Lavelle                                                     Wisconsin                                                         M
Brittney Lawrence                                          Oral Roberts                                                    F/M
Hannah Leinert                                               Purdue                                                              F/M
Rachel Leonard                                               Cal State-Sacramento                                    D
Savannah Levin                                               USC                                                                   F/M/D
Aaliyah Lewis                                                   Alabama State                                                F
Jordyn Listro                                                   South Florida                                                  M/D
Kaela Little                                                       Notre Dame                                                     GK
Paige Lombard                                                Pennsylvania                                                    D
Jennifer Lum                                                    Cal State Sacramento                                    M
Tyler Lussi                                                        Princeton                                                          F
Tahlor Lyman                                                  Oral Roberts                                                    M/D

Samantha Maher                                            Central Michigan                                            M
Franceska Maier                                             Seton Hall                                                        M
Jayma Martin                                                  Grand Valley State                                         F
Leah Mattingly                                                Ball State                                                          D
Shannon McCarthy                                        Miami                                                                D
Jesse McDonough                                          Princeton                                                          M/D
Siobhan McDonough                                     Pittsburgh                                                        F/M/D
Darcy McFarlane                                            UNC                                                                   M
Kristen McNabb                                              Virginia                                                             D
Chay McNitt                                                     Ball State                                                          M
Jillian McVicker                                              Ohio State                                                        GK
McKenzie Meehan                                          Boston College                                                F/M
Kayla Mills                                                        USC                                                                   F/M/D
Natasha Minor                                                Southeast Missouri State                              F
Sydney Miramontez                                       Nebraska                                                          M/D
Ciera Misner                                                    Florida Institute of Tech                               M/D
Tyler-Rae Molloy                                            Mobile                                                               F/M
Amber Munerlyn                                             UNC &UCLA                                                     F
Erica Murphy                                                   Rutgers                                                             F

Jessica Nakae                                                  San Francisco                                                  F/M
Maxine New                                                    Rowan University                                           F/M
Cydney Niedermeyer                                     Temple                                                              D

Cortney O’Connell                                          Central Florida                                                F
Marisa Oleksiak                                              Michigan State                                                M/D
Kaleigh Olmsted                                             Notre Dame                                                     F/M
Katie O’Neill                                                    UNC, Charolotte                                             F/M/D
Ifeoma Onumonu                                           UC Berkeley                                                     F/M
Maddie Orf                                                       Indiana State                                                   M/D

Alice Palmer                                                     Oakland                                                            F/M
Toriana Patterson                                          Connecticut                                                      D
Marina Paul                                                     Georgetown School of Cont. Studies          M/D
Toni Payne                                                       Duke                                                                  F/M
Wilhelmina Pellens                                         Missouri-Kansas City                                    M/D
Kelsey Perrell                                                   High Point                                                        F/D
Diana Poulin                                                    St. John’s                                                          GK
Nichelle Prince                                                Ohio State                                                         F/M
Morgan Proffit                                                Marquette                                                          M/D
Sammy Jo Prudhomme                                USC                                                                     GK
Margaret Purce                                               Harvard                                                             F/M

Elizabeth Raben                                              Duke                                                                  D
Mimi Rangel                                                    Cal State-Long Beach                                    F/M
Jessica Ratner                                                 Bucknell University                                        GK
Abigail Reed                                                     DePaul                                                              F/M
Brittney Reed                                                  Kennesaw State                                                F/D
Stephanie Ribeiro                                           Connecticut                                                      F/M
Danielle Rice                                                    Texas A&M                                                       GK
Emily Richardson                                            Evansville                                                        F/D
Ana Caroline Rodrigues                                 Central Florida                                                F/M
Jenna Roering                                                  Santa Clara                                                      F/M
Katherine Rogers                                             Utah                                                                  M/D
Kaitlyn Ruff                                                      Northern Colorado/Wright State                GK

Hope Sabadash                                               Southeastern Lousiana                                  GK
Lauren Sajewich                                             TCU                                                                   M/D
Fabiola Sanchez                                              Martin Methodist                                           M/D
Valerie Sanderson                                          Memphis                                                          F/M
Taylor Schissler                                               DePaul                                                              D
Hannah Seabert                                              Pepperdine                                                       F/GK
Alexis Shaffer                                                  Virginia                                                             F/M
Kristyn Shea                                                     Providence                                                       GK
Kailen Sheridan                                               Clemson                                                           GK
Arielle Ship                                                       UC Berkeley                                                     F/M
Kathryn Sloan                                                  Louisiana Tech                                                F
Sara Smalls                                                       Arkansas-Little Rock                                     GK
Erin Smith                                                         Rutgers New Brunswick                                F/D
Tara Sobierajski                                              Siena College                                                   M/D
Lana Spitler                                                      East Carolina                                                   F/M
Morgan Stearns                                              Virginia                                                             GK
Addison Steiner                                               Northwestern &Hawaii                                 F
Josee Stiever                                                    Minnesota                                                        M
Marlo Sweatman                                             Oregon                                                             M

Linzi Taylor                                                     Martin Methodist                                          M/D
Sarah Teegarden                                            Wake Forest                                                    M
Rachel Terry                                                    Le Moyne College                                          F/M
Kelsey Texeira                                                 UCal Irvine                                                     D
Crystal Thomas                                               Georgetown                                                    F/M
Madison Tiernan                                             Rutgers                                                           F/M
Tabitha Tindell                                                Florida Gulf Coast                                         F

Mikayla Uyokpeyi                                           Arkansas-Little Rock                                     M

Eliza Van de Kerkhove                                   Central Michigan                                            F/M/D
Holly Van Noord                                             Liberty University                                           GK
Michele Vasconcelos                                      BYU                                                                   F/M
Julie Vass                                                          Santa Clara                                                      F/M
Gabrielle Veldman                                          Ball State                                                          M

Claire Wagner                                                 Clemson                                                           D
Ryan Walker                                                    Stanford                                                           F
Scarlett Walsh                                                 West Chester                                                   F/M/D
Mykel Ward                                                     Arkansas State                                                F/M/D
Lauren Watson                                                Texas Tech                                                      GK
Erin Webb                                                        Missouri                                                           M/D
Allison Wetherington                                     Portland                                                           M/D
Lorina White                                                    Ball State                                                          F/D
Hannah Wilkinson                                          Tennessee                                                        F

Amy Yang                                                          North Dakota State                                        M

*UPDATE: The list of players currently registered for the 2017 NCAA College Draft was updated on January 12 and reflects the final list of draftees registered for the draft. 


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