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NCAA 2nd Round Viewing Guide

The second round of the NCAA tournament kicks off tonight with a couple of games in South Carolina’s bracket. The vast majority of the games for round 2 will be played Friday. Below please find a viewing guide for the round of 32. There’s some enticing match ups Perhaps  the most compelling is Penn State vs Virginia a battle between two heavy weight programs in college soccer. In a typical year, these two squads wouldn’t meet until at least the penultimate weekend of the season. Happy watching!

Date Time (ET) School Link
11/17/16 4:00 pm Oklahoma vs BYU WatchESPN
11/17/16 7:00 pm South Carolina vs Colorado SECN+


11/18/16 11:00 am PSU vs UVA  Link
11/18/16 1:30 pm Georgetown vs Rutgers  Link
11/18/16 2:00 pm Florida State vs Utah  Link
11/18/16 3:00 pm Auburn vs UConn SECN+


11/18/16 3:00 pm Arkansas vs Clemson WatchESPN
11/18/16 3:00 pm UCLA vs Nebraska  Link 
11/18/16 3:30 pm Northwestern vs SIUE WatchESPN
11/18/16 4:30 pm USC vs Texas A&M  Link
11/18/16 6: 00 pm WVU vs Ohio State Link
11/18/16 6:00 pm Kansas vs UNC WatchESPN
11/18/16 6:00 pm Illinois State vs Duke WatchESPN
11/18/16 7:00 pm Wisconsin vs Florida SECN+ WatchESPN
11/18/16 7:30 pm Pepperdine vs NC State  Link
11/18/16 10:00 pm Stanford vs SCU Link 

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