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Judge grants Solo permission to train with USWNT

Hope Solo will be allowed to train with the USWNT in January during pre-trial hearings. (AP Photo)

Hope Solo will be allowed to train with the USWNT in January during pre-trial hearings. (AP Photo)

A judge on Tuesday granted goalkeeper Hope Solo‘s request to stay in the Los Angeles area and train with the United States national team during pre-trial hearings for her domestic violence case. Solo flew to L.A. on Tuesday after her hearing to join the team’s training camp, which began on Sunday.

On Tuesday judge Michael Lambo granted the two witnesses and alleged victims — Solo’s half-sister, Teresa Obert, and Obert’s teenage son — one more opportunity to provide their second depositions to the defense. Obert and her son did not appear on Friday for court-ordered depositions, according to documents obtained by The Equalizer. Lambo did not dismiss the case.

Last week Lambo mandated second depositions for the witnesses to allow Solo’s attorney, Todd Maybrown, further questioning. Maybrown argued in his original motion to dismiss, obtained by The Equalizer, that “made countless attempts to schedule defense interviews and/or depositions of Teresa Obert” and her son. Lambo last week also ordered prosecutors to provide the defense all personal notes, transcripts, recordings and their own depositions.

Maybrown argues that the prosecutions notes include “compelling impeachment evidence,” including inconsistencies from Obert’s son as to whether or not Solo was intoxicated during the June 21 altercation. Maybrown says he planned to question the witnesses about the alleged inconsistencies on Friday, when they did not appear for depositions. Maybrown again argued that the case should be dismissed since “the defense has been deprived of any fair opportunity to defend this case at trial.”

The prosecution ordered that its notes, accused of showing witness inconsistencies, were taken out of context.

Solo is charged with two counts of fourth-degree domestic violence assault stemming from that altercation with her sister and then 17-year-old nephew at a family gathering. She has pleaded not guilty.

The next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 13 in Kirkland, Wash. The United States’ training camp in Carson, Calif., lasts until Jan. 25. The U.S. women play away to France in Lorient on Feb. 8 and at England on Feb. 13 in Milton Keynes.


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