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NWSL releases list of eligible players for draft

Wake Forest seniors Katie Stengel and Aubrey Bledsoe are among noticeable absences from the list of players who have declared for the 2014 NWSL College Draft.

Stengel, a forward, was sidelined for the end of the season with blood clots, but has been looking for opportunities overseas, according to a recent report. Bledsoe was Stegel’s goalkeeper at Wake Forest.

Also missing, among others, is Notre Dame midfielder/defender Elizabeth Tucker.

Here is the complete list of players eligible in Friday’s NWSL College Draft, which begins at 10 a.m. ET at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, in conjunction with the annual NSCAA Convention:

Name Position College
Jennifer Abernathy M/F Oral Roberts University
Jessica Allemang D University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Torri Allen D University of Georgia
Natasha Anasi D/M Duke University
Natalia Ariza D/M Austin Peay State University
Tatiana Ariza M/F Austin Peay State University
Emily Banes F Towson University
Taylor Bare M/F University of Missouri-Kansas City
Madeline Barker M/F University of Georgia
Jessica Bartol D Southern Methodist University
Jessy Battelli D/M University of Denver
Kansas Bayly D Texas Tech University
Molly Boyd D University of Washington
Megan Brigman D University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Hayley Brock F University of Maryland
Caroline Brown M/F University of Tennessee
Che Brown GK Radford University
Annie Brunner GK University of Colorado
Emma Brush M/F Dartmouth College
Rachel Carroll D/M/F Oral Roberts University
Micaela Castain M/F Washington State University
Victoria Christ GK Cornell University
Emma Clark D/M Boston University
Ashley Clarke D/M/F Seton Hall University
Cloee Colohan D/M Brigham Young University
Dayle Colpitts GK Virginia Tech
Courtney Conrad F Virginia Commonwealth University
Charlyn Corral M University of Louisville
Dana Costello M/F Monmouth University
Ashley Creason M Southwest Baptist University
Laylla Cruz M University of Texas at San Antonio
Michelle Cruz D/M University of Portland
Genessee Daughetee D/M University of california, Berkeley
Kimberly DeCesare M/F Duke University
Karenee Demery F Cal State Stanislaus
Vanessa DiBernardo M University of Illinois
Marissa Diggs D University Of Central Florida
Nicholette DiGiacomo M/F University of Denver
Patricia DiPaolo M/F Rutgers University
Katy Dolesh M Miami University
Gloria Douglas M/F University of Virginia
Rachael Doyle D Washington State University
Crystal Dunn D/M/F University of North Carolina
Elizabeth Eddy D/M/F University of Southern California
Lindsay Elston M/F University of Washington
Christine Exeter F University of Louisville
Nkem Ezurike F University of Michigan
Zoya Farzaneh D/M University of California, Irvine
Shasta Fisher D/M University of Virginia
Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick M University of California, Berkeley
Amanda Frisbie D/F University of Portland
Katie Gallanes D/M Pepperdine University
Gabriella Garcia D/M/F Boise State University
Alexa Gaul GK Boston College
Etajha Gilmer D/M/F Loyola Marymount University
Ashleigh Goddard M/F DePaul University
Natalie Griffen D/F Stanford University
Hayley Haagsma D/M Texas Tech University
Kristen Hamilton F University of Denver
Dijana (DiDi) Haracic GK Loyola University Maryland
Hayley Harryman GK University of Tulsa
Maya Hayes F Penn State
Holly Hein D/M University of Michigan
Kelsey Hodges D University of North Texas
Elba Holguin D/M University of New Mexico
Taylor Houck D Villanova University
Briana Hovington D Penn State University
Chelsea Hunter D University of Louisville
Lauren Impey D Slippery Rock University
Jordan Jackson D/M/F University of Nebraska Lincoln
Sarah Jackson D/F Santa Clara University
Emily Jacobson D Marquette University
Jessie Jarrett D/F Saint Louis University
Colette Jepson Smith M/F Brigham Young University
Sally Johnson F Covenent
Carli Johnson D/M San Diego State University
Samantha Johnson D Concordia University Portland
Julie Johnston M Santa Clara University
Kassey Kallman D Florida State University
Caroline Kastor F University of Kansas
Sara Keane GK West Virginia University
Maegan Kelly M/F Marquette University
Amber Kern D/F University of Akron
Kaitlyn Kerr M Duke University
Megan Kinneman GK Louisiana State University
Jami Kranich GK Villanova University
Kimmie Krauss D/M Elon University
Kayla Kret D Fresno State
Clara Kridler GK Purdue University
Emily Kruger GK University of California, Berkeley
Mandy Laddish M University of Notre Dame
Nahomie Lagardere GK Grambling state university
Cassidy Larson D/F University of Denver
Vanessa Laxgang M Clemson University
Natalia Ledezma D/M/F University of California Irvine
Ally Lee D Jacksonville University
Vanessa Legault-Cordisco D/M Marquette University
Rachel Lenz D Texas A&M University
Kathryn Lenz M/F University of Tennessee
Juliana Libertin D/M/F University of Dayton
Stephanie Lindsey D Western Kentucky University
Chrissy Lozier M Dartmouth College
Olivia Mackey D/M Elon University
Lianne Maldonado GK University of Central Florida
Kayla Mannino D/M/F University of Michigan
Haley Marks D/F University of Vermont
Morgan Marlborough F Santa Clara
Amy Marron D/M/F St. John’s University
Ariana Martinez D/M/F UC Berkeley
Tawni Martino F Loyola Marymount University
Erica Mazeau M/F Cal State University of Fullerton
Mandy McCalla M/F University of Mississippi
Kelley McCloskey D/M University of San Diego
Victoria (Tori) McCombs D/M University of Michigan
Brooke McCurdy GK Wright State University
Kelly McFarlane M University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Tesa McKibben F Saint Francis University
Meghan McMahon F Oklahoma City University
Alecia McNiff D Saint Francis University
Rachel Melhado D University of Louisville
Alexandra Melin D/M University of Iowa
Molly Menchel D University of Virginia
Emily Menges D Georgetown University
Rachel Mercik M/F University of California, Berkeley
Diane Metcalf-Leggette D Princeton University
Brittany Moore D/F University of Massachusetts Amherst
Meg Morris D/M University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Kecia Morway D Colorado College
Claire Nicholson M/F The university of Tulsa
Ashley Nicol D University of Central Florida
Courtney Niemiec D LaSalle University
Larissa Nysch M/F Stony Brook University
Jordan O’Brien M University of Tulsa
christabel oduro M/F university of memphis
Kathryn Oehring M Boise State University
Kealia Ohai M/F University of North Carolina
Tabitha Padgett D/F clemson univeristy
Haley Palmer D/F San Diego State University
Michelle Pao D/M Pepperdine University
Kelsey Pardue M Longwood University
Ellen Parker M University of Portland
Mollie Pathman D/M/F Duke University
Sydney Payne M/F Stanford University
Jazmin Ponce M/F University of Arizona
Darien Pyka M Loyola Marymount University
Jazmine Reeves F Virginia Tech
Ellie Rice D/M Santa Clara University
Dominique Richardson M University of Missouri
Jenna Richardson F Oregon State University
Jenna Richmond M/F UCLA
Trista Rivera GK Iona College
Maria Jose Rojas F University of Texas at San Antonio
Alexa Sarsfield D Robert Morris University
Kerry Scalora M/F University of Pennsylvania
Tara Schwitter M/F University of Miami
Shanyce Shaw D Southeastern Louisiana
Anna Sieloff GK University of North Carolina
Bianca Sierra D/M Auburn University
Frances Silva F West Virginia University
Jennifer Skogerboe D/M University of Connecticut
Courtney Smith D Southern Methodist University
Rebecca Sparks D/M/F James Madison University
Alexa St. Martin D/M Georgetown University
Nicole Stanton M Fairfield University
Annie Steinlage D/M University of Virginia
Shelbee Stilwell M/F Oklahoma State
Morgan Stith D/M University of Virginia
Kylie Strom M Boston University
Anne Stuller F University of Colorado
Elisabeth Sullivan F Mississippi State University
Hanna Terry M/F Northeastern University
Stephanie Thompson M/F University of Evansville
Meghan Toohey M University of Michigan
Kristina Trujic D/M/F University of Central Florida
Katie Uyenishi D Colorado College
Courtney Verloo D/F Stanford University
Allie Vernon D/M Santa Clara University
Haley Walker M Cal Poly
Renee Washington M/F LaSalle University
Laura Weinberg M/F Duke University
Lauren Wilson F James Madison University
Allie Wisner M/F University of Utah
Danica Wu M The Ohio State University
Kelsey Wys GK Florida State University
Shelina Zadorsky D University of Michigan

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