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Alex Morgan’s ‘The Kicks,’ from a young player’s view

Alex Morgan Portland Thorns

By: Molly Jensen

Molly Jensen is a sophomore soccer player for St. Anthony’s High School on Long Island and also plays for Albertson SC and Long Island Select Player Development Program. She is a huge fan of the National Women’s Soccer League and decided to review what Alex Morgan’s first book means to her.

Alex Morgan’s new book ‘The Kicks: Saving The Game’ is an excellent read! The book shows you that even if you move to the other side of the country, where you don’t know anybody, if you follow your heart things will work out. Kind of like when Devin, the main character, went to Kentville, Calif., and tried out for soccer, she not only made the team but she followed her heart and stepped up to the bully and made a great change for everyone.

As a player, this book has shown me that no matter what hardships I face in my career, if I follow my heart and do what I love, I can overcome anything. When things get hard I have to remember why I’m doing what I am and follow my heart.

As a fan of Alex Morgan, I think this book has taught me more about her as a person than any interview or question ever could. It taught me that she too was once a young girl trying to follow a dream and she kept following her heart no matter what happened and that is why today she is one of the best U.S. women’s national team strikers ever and adored by many like me.

I would highly recommend this to any young girl, soccer player or not because it has a great message of courage and heart behind it and it has a really good lesson for anyone who has any type of passion. I can’t wait for the next book to come out! Hope you all enjoyed reading this review, now go get the book! Happy reading!

Morgan’s next book in the series, Sabotage Season, comes out Sept. 3.


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