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Names of Seattle, DC teams unclear

For a while it looked pretty clear that the Freedom name was going to return with the inclusion of the Washington, D.C. market in the new women’s professional soccer league.

The DC Freedom Twitter account kept teasing us. Then the tweets stopped. Wednesday’s big announcement came and all it actually offered was a chance to help name the team (better act fast — the contest ends Monday).

It seems as if there was a slight glitch, to the tune that Dan Borislow, who owned WPS’ magicJack, still owns the rights to the “Freedom” name (from the little we’ve been able to find out). D.C. ownership abstained from commenting. Borislow simply said, “they never called me.”

So, make of that what you will. But the most storied name in U.S. women’s soccer history will continue to sit in the graveyard.

Perhaps this is a chance to identify with the region rather than just the District of Columbia, given that the SoccerPlex is in Maryland, well north of D.C. Capitol FC? Suggestions are welcomed.

Per The Equalizer’s Jennifer Gordon, the name will be announced either Tuesday or Wednesday. Former Freedom GM’s company, Playbook Management, will handle ticketing for the club.


We’re still yet to hear anything official about the name of the new Seattle women’s soccer team (or the name of the league, for that matter), but there is plenty of debate over it.

Some digging by others has discovered that Seattle Sirens FC, Seattle Reign and Seattle FC are three potential options for the team. I’ll sum up my thoughts on all of three of those options with one word: meh.

Sirens FC would surely stir up some conversation, but I don’t associate a siren with a positive image of a woman (cue Greek mythology debate). Sirens, according to all sorts of literature, deceived men into jumping to their death. Somewhere through the curriculum of school, most of us have read Margaret Atwood’s “Siren Song”.

Look, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if “Sirens FC” became the name. The offensiveness to the local market wouldn’t quite be what, say, Houston 1836 would have been when it offended the massive core of Latino fans. At this point, it may actually be the best of the three options. Maybe it will grow on me.

Reign? I get it — a double meaning. It also rains a lot in Seattle. Again, meh. The WPSL team just down the coast was named the Portland Rain. Whether or not that name holds in the new league, it still doesn’t scream, ‘original’ (and yes, there was a women’s basketball team named the Seattle Reign in the 90’s).

Seattle FC? I’m a fan of traditional names, but women’s soccer doesn’t totally fit that mold. The team in Kansas City will be called FC Kansas City (another ‘meh’). I don’t think we need another basic “FC” name here.

Portland: And according to The Equalizer’s Liviu Bird, Portland’s team name is close to decided and should be announced soon.

With reporting from Jennifer Gordon.


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