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Washington Freedom Twitter tease

As we continue to wait for a new women’s professional soccer league to announce its presence, someone with access to the old Washington Freedom Twitter account (@DCFreedom) is having some fun with us. And it looks like it’s all for good reason. A reliable source says that the Twitter account is not a hoax and it looks as if the Freedom name will be used in some capacity in a new women’s professional league.

A “test tweet” from Tuesday night has since been deleted, but plenty more have followed:

The Twitter account — which now bears a Statue of Liberty icon instead of the old Freedom logo — kicked it up a notch with a series of tweets, including a nice tease about there being some women’s soccer:

D.C. was a market in the mix for a new league and these tweets suggest that the revival of a D.C. area professional team will happen. Soccer Wire reports that D.C. is one of the markets set to be announced.

The last tweet from the account prior to this new wave of activity was nearly two years ago when a Dec. 20, 2010 tweet read, “Congrats to Abby Wambach! US Soccer Female Athlete of the Year!” By that date, the Freedom name was already on its way to the graveyard as the team moved to Boca Raton, Fla. in what became the most chaotic women’s soccer year anyone can rightly think of.


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