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Player hit in the face with ball…twice

I’m a big believer in Division III sports. I played Division III soccer in college and I have seen top talent come through those ranks, even if schools in D-3 don’t have the name recognition of the national power schools.

I have also always felt that Division III is the best-suited place to use sport to teach life-lessons. Players at those schools will not be turning professional in their respective sports. They will have the opportunity to apply the hardships of sport – especially at the high level of the NCAA – into foundations for making smart life and career choices.

So with all that said….please excuse the video below. In it you’ll see a women’s soccer player from Amherst violently hit a player from Colby in the face twice with the ball on a throw-in…twice…in a row. This is a NESCAC game, which is a good conference that thinks it’s a little better than it actually is (former Empire 8 guy talking here – blue collar all the way).

Just take this video in; it’s pretty crazy to imagine this actually happening. If this happened in a men’s game, it would have induced a bench-clearing brawl.


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