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The curious case of WoSo trading cards on Ebay

By a chance encounter, a quick search for “WPS” on Ebay turned out some real gems on Monday. (Let’s not act like you haven’t taken a gander to see what sort of obscure collectibles are listed for the now defunct league. Also, this eventually led to a more concise search of “Panini USA.”) The most curious of the bunch was the absurd asking price for a certain dual-superstar autographed card.

Would you pay $800 for a trading card of Abby Wambach and Marta, signed by both players? That is what “” is asking on Ebay for this card. Abby, Marta, I’m a big fan and a real sucker for memorabilia, but I think you’ll both agree that the price is utterly ridiculous.

Now, swap out Marta for Heather Mitts and the bid for the Wambach-Mitts autograph card as of 11 p.m. on Monday night comes in at a whopping $2.25 (!). Come on now, Gators fans — get to bidding.

Surely a dual-jersey card of Hope Solo and Alex Morgan must be commanding hundreds of dollars then, right? Nope. This comes in at quite the bargain right now with a sub-$15 price as of 11 p.m.

And Carli Lloyd just can’t get any love, it seems. She has scored two consecutive Olympic gold medal-winning goals, yet the card with her game used jersey AND signature is currently (11 p.m. Monday) sitting at just $10.50.

Go ahead, get your nerd on. There are some real bargains there. We now resume your regular coverage of things actually happening on the field, though those are a bit lacking stateside right now, professionally, anyway.


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