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Replacement for WPS in development

Plans appear to be in the development stage for a new women’s soccer league in America, to replace the WPS, which went under in 2012, after three seasons. The new league – which would feature a number of the main professional women’s teams, including the Chicago Red Stars, the Boston Breakers and the New Jersey Sky Blue FC – would begin in spring 2013, according to a statement by a spokesperson for the Boston Breakers released on Thursday.

This latest bid to set up and establish a professional womenís soccer league, follows two previous failed attempts; with both the WPS and WUSA before it, surviving only a handful of seasons. Therefore while this announcement is certainly welcome news for those seeking to establish a strong womenís soccer league in America, it is doubtful whether anyone who wagers on sporting issues at a sports betting or online casino site will be putting too much money on its long-term survival. In the case of the WUPA, the league foundered on an inability to attract sufficient audience interest ñ despite securing investment totalling more than $100 million following the win by America in the 1999 World Cup; while the WPS collapsed in the wake of legal action brought by Dan Borislow, a former club owner.

Despite the setbacks experienced during these two previous attempts to create a lasting womenís league, Michael Stoller of the Boston Breakers, stated that all involved in this latest attempt were confident of making it work:

“All these teams are committed to playing with and against each other starting in 2013 and to working out the final details to allow a sustainable professional league for women’s soccer in the U.S.”

Stoller added that the new league was not intended to compete against the existing womenís leagues, but instead to offer a potential promotion opportunity for teams currently competing in those leagues. If you’re bored on the way to an away game why not spend your time over at You can while away the hours on the road by getting into a slot game. If table games such as Roulette or blackjack are more your thing there is a great range of those available for your entertainment. Who knows you could win enough to get a season ticket?


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