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The best (and worst) of recent WoSo photos and videos

There are some seriously sweet photos and video out there for women’s soccer fans, so how could we let you miss them? We definitely want to make sure you see these gems, which are mixed bag of funny, cool and downright stupid.

First, something funny. This photo that Heather Mitts tweeted looks like your average U.S. national team group photo on a day off. But wait! Who is the guy who worked his way into the right side of the photo, staring strangely at some of the world’s best soccer players? He sure looks confused.

Man in photo: Am I looking at the wrong camera?!

I’m not one to call out other media. That’s just not healthy. I don’t think I need to, either. I’ll just let you all watch this video and form your own opinions on it (thanks to those who already did and brought it to my attention):

Alright, shake that one off, everyone. It’s inevitable that women’s soccer will take some adjusting to for mainstream media. Here’s a pretty cool video from Nike with Alex Morgan. Nike, I don’t think she needs any introduction anymore. But this music (“Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia) is solid workout (and Jersey Shore fist pumping?) music. For real. No wonder Morgan is pumped to train:

Of course, you have to refuel after a workout with protein and carbohydrates. Let chef Abby Wambach make that post-workout turkey sandwich for you:

And just because this is too awesome to only mention once, you have to check out Captain America Christie Rampone’s dance moves. Seriously, they are awesome:


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