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Hope Solo on Vogue cover…what next?

Hope Solo will appear on the June issue of Vogue alongside Ryan Lochte and Serena Williams. Expect to see her more in non-soccer related press like fashion magazines.

U.S. national team goalkeeper Hope Solo will be featured on the cover of the June issue of the posh magazine, Vogue, along with swimmer Ryan Lochte and tennis star Serena Williams.

The cover is a simple, classy ensemble of three Olympians ahead of the 2012 London Games and features Solo and Williams in gold bathing suits (hinting at their medal ambitions no doubt) and Lochte in basic swim trunks. Have a better look at the cover here.

Now, what is up next for Solo after the Olympics end in August? This is that dark three year period for women’s soccer where, with no proper domestic league, the sport could fade into oblivion again.

Solo’s agent, Richard Motzkin , recently told the Los Angeles Times that Solo would be putting her name out to the public in more non-traditional ways, such as fashion magazines. Vogue certainly fits that description.

What is interesting is the recent news that this fall, ABC will run an ‘all-star’ edition of “Dancing With the Stars.” I certainly don’t have insiders in the entertainment industry, nor have I watched the show beyond Solo’s participation in it, but it would be fair to say that she was popular on the show and did well (she made the semifinals last season). So hey, it could be a possibility.

I don’t think it is a longshot to propose that, but first Solo and teammates have this thing called the Olympics to deal with. And if they have it their way, the Americans will be traveling around the country on their third-straight Olympic gold medal celebration tour this fall.


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