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Tobin Heath, Alex Morgan and RG3

Tobin Heath
Tobin Heath

Alex? Tobin? I'll tweet until I get it right. That's why there is a delete button. (Photo Credit: Patricia Giobetti |

Thanks to the good folks at for pointing out this serious of hilarious – and slightly strange – tweets that many of us (raises hand…) seemed to miss last week.

Robert Griffin III met Tobin Heath somewhere, but thought he met Alex Morgan. This American football player proceeded to tweet at Morgan, despite not actually meeting her. After the 22-year-old star corrected one “RG3,” as he is known, proceeded to tweet to Heath as if nothing ever happened.

He even redefined the basis of being a fan of a player, tweeting “#ImAFan” at Heath despite not actually knowing who she was.

Some may say Heath, Morgan, or women’s soccer fans in general be offended by this mix-up, but why should they be? So a college football star looking to break into the NFL can’t identify two of America’s best young women’s soccer players (it’s not like one has become an near A-list celebrity, or anything).

To those who will fret about this: Don’t. I wouldn’t know this RG3 guy if I passed him on the street and I’m not losing sleep over it.


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