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Interest builds for Hope Solo’s forthcoming story

Hope Solo

Wednesday brought a spectacular piece of writing in WoSo land out of a major media outlet (stop and take a breath – that is a true but rare statement). Kevin Baxter’s profile of Hope Solo in the Los Angeles Times was a spectacular piece of writing that mixed dramatic anecdotes with basic background information that is often overlooked in the oft-criticized life of Solo, widely considered the world’s best goalkeeper.

The fine bit of journalism also seemingly broke some would-be shocking news that Solo was contemplating retirement following the 2012 Summer Games. Solo took to Twitter to quickly kill that idea (just in case there was any doubt, she tweeted again).

So, no retirement for Solo, yet. But according to her agent, Richard Motzkin, we’ll be seeing plenty of Hope Solo in fashion magazines – well, assuming the U.S. wins a gold medal in London.

Frankly, there is no reason retirement should be in the question for arguably the only game-changing goalkeeper in women’s soccer unless her shoulder really is that bad. Her strained quad is clearly still a work in progress, too, but that is what post-Olympics is for. Women’s soccer will, unfortunately, enter its dead period for nearly three years following the end of the London Games. The 2015 World Cup in Canada is the next major tournament.

We also learned the’s Ann Killion is the co-author of that Hope Solo memoir that has been floating around Amazon for a few weeks. That, my friends, could be one huge seller, especially if the Olympics get interesting, for better or worse.


The U.S. women will play Sweden on June 16 and Japan, yet again, on June 18. Both games will take place in Halmstad, Sweden. The U.S. will play China in Philadelphia on May 27 and Canada on May 30 at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah.

I know I have not been alone in wondering what is new with Lindsay Tarpley. Well, apparently a lot. Like, her family is expanding, kind of a lot. Congratulations to the Snows.

Speaking of USWNT players, Whitney Engen will return to the Pali Blues for the 2012 season.


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