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Ashleigh Gunning Blog: Live #thegoodlife

Ashleigh Gunning
Ashleigh Gunning

Ashleigh Gunning in Adelaide, Australia.

Jeff asked me to contribute to the wonderful world of women’s soccer blogging a couple of months ago but to be completely honest, I’ve been a little nervous…

… I mean how do I start?…

It would be way more my style for us all gather somewhere, have a party or shindig and get to know each other that way. But, I am sure that our schedules will not permit. So, instead I am going to try to give you a glimpse into the amazing blessings I am so thankful to live each day. I hope you are up for an adventure because you’re about to get a firsthand look into #thegoodlife.

To make sure that we are all on the same page, I think it would be best to catch y’all up on the year that was. 2011 what a great year!

I played in three different countries…

I played on four different teams…

Visited a total of six different countries…

Met amazing people…

Made lifelong friends…and…

Journeyed to the end of the earth (jumped off) and back all because of women’s soccer!

Of course it was not all simple. There were setbacks, injuries, and tough times–but as long as I feel that I have grown, enjoyed the ride, come back stronger and more focused they’ve all been worth it, right?? Right!

In life we go through all sorts of changes. The biggest one I’ve just experienced is moving from beach filled, sun soaked summer of Australia to the white capped, chill inducing winter of Norway.

Why would I go through a change like that?

Women’s football, of course! I’ve just begun preseason with Arna Bjornar, in Norway’s Premier Women’s Division. I’ve got a great feeling about this special group of girls, dedicated coaching staff, professional support staff, and season that officially begins in April—it’s going to be one to remember!

Buckle up; we’ve got some living to do!! Till next time, pursue #thegoodlife.

Love && blessings,

Ashleigh Gunning

“God gives us gifts and talents; what we do with those talents is our gift to Him.”


PS. – While writing this I received the terrible news of WPS ceasing to exist in 2012. If there is one thing I know about the amazingly talented group of women who make up the WPS it’s that they are strong. They are fighters. Good luck keeping a group of women like that down. This may be a setback, but women’s professional soccer will return to the US and when it does, you better watch out—because these ladies have something to prove!


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