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On ‘Presentation Day,’ don’t expect decision

At long last, Tuesday is here. Today is the day that a small group of Women’s Professional Soccer executives make a presentation to the U.S. Soccer Federation to appeal for sanctioning for the 2012 season with just five teams.

The only confirmed person making the presentation is WPS CEO Jennifer O’Sullivan, but she is not making the presentation alone. Regardless of how that presentation goes, don’t expect any answers on Tuesday.

Only the USSF board can make the final decision as to whether or not to (or how to) sanction WPS for 2012. Tuesday’s presentation will be to a select committee that will make a report to the board. In short, it’s a process and it is one that will take at least a few days.

Jenna Pel has a good recap of the situation here. Again, make sure to read some of Peter Wilt’s ideas over at Pitch Invasion. Nobody yet knows how WPS will look in 2012, but team owners are confident that they will have a sanctioned league in 2012, as evidenced by their business as usual demeanor – moving toward 2012 with business plans, tryouts and even player signings.


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