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Senda showing fair is affordable

Soccer consumers are more than just sports junkies. They too are involved in news beyond sports (which, after all, makes society tick). So the socially conscious fans and players can put their mind at ease by purchasing Fair Trade certified balls through the up and coming company Senda.

Senda is based out of Berkeley, Calif., close to the innovative and widely heralded Silicon Valley. The company’s primary product is the Fair Trade soccer ball. There are three different grades of balls that Senda produces (ranging from $25.99 – $56.99) and you can kick around each of them without any guilt.

Fair Trade standards demand a certain social, economic and environmental criteria. Or, quite simply, these balls are not made in sweat shops or other questionable conditions in more poverty-stricken countries.

Senda founder Santiago Halty does well not to point fingers at anyone (insert major sports brand here) in particular. The most appealing factor might be that Senda proves that Fair Trade is not necessarily overly expensive. The price range for Senda soccer balls is very reasonable in comparison to some of the higher end balls that run into triple digit prices.

San Jose Earthquakes midfielder Sam Cronin supports the cause and so too does Natalie Spilger, former Chicago Red Stars defender who founded the environmentally friendly Greenlaces.

Here is an ABC 7 (Bay Area) report on Senda:


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