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Daring boots: What color do you sport?

Soccer cleats are getting more daring by the day. Nike broke the traditional trend years ago (as did other companies) when it started putting out cleats with wild color combinations – hot pink, lime green, purple – you name it.

Now it seems that being funky is the norm. Boots in bright orange, hot pink and blinding yellow fill not only the professional fields but youth soccer pitches across the world. Below are some of our picks for the best in wild cleat colors. Where do you stand on the spectrum? Are you sporting the eye-catching new trends or the classic black and white?

Adidas just put out its latest Predator boot: A classic white with a twist. Sharp Purple and “Ultra Lilac Met” line this new generation Predator. It’s a hybrid of funky colors and a simpler white. $199.99 on

Adidas Predator White/Purple

Puma has also put out some purple boots of late, but nothing says flashy like bright orange and blue. That’s “Fluo Orange” and “Blue Aster,” to be exact. At $214.99, you’ll want to make these Puma v1.10 SL‘s last:

Puma v1.10Ladies looking to sport the bright pink might also turn to Puma, but Adidas has put out its own concoction of “Intense Pink” and “Slime Green” with these adidas Women’s F50 adiZero TRX FG ($199.99):

adidas Women's F50 adiZero TRX FG

For those looking for something simpler, the Nike Women’s Tiempo Flight FG is standard fare for a black cleat. At $109.99, they won’t completely break the bank either. Maybe simple is better:

Nike Women's Tiempo Flight FGAnd finally, a personal favorite, white Puma King Finale i FG’s ($129.99 for men’s and $92.99 for women’s). There might not be a nicer cleat out there:

Puma King Finale i FG


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