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Product Review: Storelli Sports brings the protection

Turf burns. Bruised quads. Dead legs. We’ve all had them. They are the nagging, day-to-day injuries that last with players throughout the season. If only there were some way to better protect our lower bodies – the crown jewels of soccer players – from these injuries.

Well, now there is.

Step aside regular compression shorts, Storelli Sports ( is revolutionizing protective soccer gear. As a field player, the most exciting innovative product Storelli offered are the BodyShield Sliding Shorts.

BodyShield Sliding ShortsThese look pretty similar to your average compression shorts that you would wear on game day, but they are so much more. Built into the sides of each thigh area are Poron XRD materials that protect the thighs from impact. The shock of impact is absorbed and therefore deflected away from the body, so when you go up for that 50-50 challenge and you take a knee or a cleat to the upper leg, the Poron XRD technology will absorb that and allow you to actually be walking after the tackle.

The protection really is unlike anything else offered on the market. Where major brands offer compression shorts that, at best, wick away sweat, Storelli balances a comfortable fit with protection that can withstand impact far greater than what any stray cleat may impose. Check out the video below for evidence:

Storelli Sports

The price ($59.99) is certainly an investment that some may be hesitant to make for compression shorts. You could get a cheap pair of cleats for less, but like anything, you get what you pay for. So what are you getting with these Storelli BodyShield Sliding Shorts? Probably the best undergear shorts out on the market.

What impressed me with them is that not only do they provide protection to the outsides of the thighs (an area highly susceptible to muscle bruising), but they also fit really well. The padding in the shorts actually keeps them in place, so there is no riding up or bunching.

The fit is tight as it should be but not constricting. Once in place, the BodyShield Sliding Shorts conform to the legs and allow for a free range of motion. There is also ventilation throughout, which combined with anti-bacterial protection in the padding makes for a breathable, clean product.

When first worn, the sliders may take a little bit of getting used to. To date, there are not any other sliding shorts that (to my knowledge) incorporate padding, so it’s a different feeling than usual. But the adjustment takes hardly any time and quickly feels like normal.

For women, there are specially designed women’s sliding shorts due out soon that use the same technology. I obviously cannot speak from first-hand knowledge on those, but ladies would be wise to invest in a pair of those BodyShield Women Sliders that use the same protective technology.

For all you goalkeepers out there, you will also want to take advantage of the BodyShield GK Shorts and the BodyShield GK 3/4 Shirt. What is great about the shirt is that it can be used by field players as well. I’m a field player and I can say that, similar to the shorts, the shirt is just like wearing a sweat-wicking long sleeve undershirt but with the same added protection at the arms and the chest. And with ChesTrap padding on the chest, settling the ball is much easier.

The average undergear long sleeve might cost you over $50 as it is, so for $79.99 you get the added benefit of that same Poron XRD padding that protects the muscles.

So if you are tired of the turf burns and the muscles bruises, get your hands on a pair or two of the BodyShield Sliding Shorts and you will likely never go back to just regular old compression shorts. Likewise, goalkeepers know how much of a toll diving can take on the body. Investing in the BodyShield GK 3/4 Shirt would be a wise way to keep your body at optimal health.

As part of the site’s launch this month, Storelli Sports is offering a 20% discount on all products at, so take advantage of that to get these excellent products at a reduced rate.


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