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WPS Players Union issues statement regarding magicJack player grievance

In response to today’s war of words (and legal battle) between WPS and magicJack owner Dan Borislow, the WPS Player’s Union has issued the following statement:

“The priority of the Women’s Professional Soccer Players Union is to protect players and be a partner in building the most competitive and entertaining league in the world. For this reason, the WPS Players Union filed a grievance last month when ample evidence demonstrated that players needed rule enforcement to protect them and prevent further misconduct.

“The grievance was an independent union action filed upon player request and with player support. The grievance demanded nothing more than that the league enforce FIFA, US Soccer, and WPS rules that were being violated, and the requested remedy was a coaching suspension, not franchise closure.

“USWNT players and current magicJack players stand behind the grievance.

“Player involvement and basic rule enforcement serve to increase professionalism and stability in the league. The current dispute between WPS franchise owners does not involve the Players Union. The Players Union would like to turn attention back to the pitch and wishes all teams the best of luck as the playoff race begins.”

Beau Dure got his hands on the court documents in reference between magicJack and WPS.

And Jenna Pel has the copy of the player grievance that was filed against Borislow.


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