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Monday Media: America cares

Is it 1999? Did Brandi Chastain’s image just define a sporting decade with her celebration? The amount of coverage the United States Women’s National Team got in the 24 hours following its dramatic penalty kick victory over Brazil is incredible. With what we know now is that, at least temporarily, America cares.

SportsCenter has been all over this win (and ESPN has done a great job in general) and the rest of the American media in print, online and on TV has picked up the buzz that has been felt by many. NFL and NBA stars were watching and tweeting, celebrities were all over it and most incredibly, crowds at bars and even MLB games were closely keeping tabs on the game.

On Monday morning here in Rochester, N.Y. I strolled down to pick up a newspaper in order to see what type of coverage the win would get and store it away in the good ole’ stack of commemorative newspapers marking memorable dates. I expected to grab the usual – a New York Times or USA Today. Those were both options, alongside the Daily News and even the Wall Street Journal, all of which had front page coverage of the U.S. victory.

As pleased as I was to see that the U.S. victory made the front page above the fold even in the business-oriented Wall Street Journal, the paper I bought was not any of the major national publications, but an impressive and eye-catching display from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, which was of course thrilled to see Abby Wambach – a Rochester area A-List celebrity – score that historic goal. Here’s a quick video opening up the paper:

Here is a quick excerpt of some front pages from across the country. It’s just a sampling and it’s truly incredible to see.

On a side (and unfortunate) note: How pathetic is this from the Chicago Sun-Times? That’s a joke, but it is certainly in the minority for how this game was treated.

Also, the game drew a 2.6 overnight rating on ESPN, which is pretty darn encouraging.

And just in case you missed the WWC Daily on, check that out below:

Women’s World Cup Daily: July 10th from The Top Brass on Vimeo.

The video of Landon Donovan’s goal against Algeria doesn’t do total justice to what I talk about in the video, which is that both his goal and Wambach’s started on the other end of the field.

Also, this is a pretty good video recapping reactions to that Wambach goal from around the country:


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