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Laura del Rio enjoying new found freedom

I had the opportunity to chat with the Spaniard striker, Laura del Rio, recently. We discussed her transition to the Philadelphia Independence from the Boston Breakers and a look into her experience with the Spaniard Women’s Team. The interview was conducted entirely in Spanish! Here is what she had to say (translated in English):

El Comienzo: (The Beginning)

Nell Enriquez: Tell us a little bit about how your career with soccer began.

Laura Del Rio: It is a bit complicated (in Spain) for a girl to become a soccer player. So in order to get passed the issue my brother, Jose Luis, actually formed a team himself. My sister and my sister’s friends played as well. That’s how it all got started.

La Trancision: (The Transition)

N.E.: How is training going? Have you gotten used to the two training sessions per day? How is it different from training with Boston or any other team you’ve been with?

Del Rio: Things are going great. Having two training sessions per day is surprisingly not hard just really intense. With Boston we had one really difficult training session per day. I have to say this is the best shape I’ve been in.

N.E.: Now that you’ve transitioned into the Philadelphia Independence how are things going in general and with team?

Del Rio: The transition has been really easy. We are a well meshed team. Different talent to pull from and I know they are here for me if I need them and me for them. I’m quite happy. My host family is also great. I couldn’t ask for better.

Las Espanolas: (The Spaniards)

N.E.: Another Spaniard, Veronica Boquete will be joining soon as well, correct? How long did you two play together?

Del Rio: Yes she will be here shortly and that will be a lot of fun. She will be joining my host family as well. We played together for about three years. She’s not only a great soccer player but an amazing person as well. I’m really looking forward to her being part of the team.

El Equipo Nacional de Espana: (The Spaniard Women’s National Team)

N.E.: Let’s talk a bit about the Spaniard Women’s National Team. You started in 39 caps and scored 40 goals while with them. What happened during that time?

Del Rio: Yes, that’s correct. Being part of the team was a dream come true. Unfortunately things didn’t work out with Ingnacio Quereda, the manager of the team. He’s been with the team for over 28 yrs. We don’t see eye to eye on many things. I’m not the only one who is no longer part of the team due to this. There are many.

N.E.: Is there anyway that you would go back?

Del Rio: Yes, for Quereda to leave the team.

Mirada al Interior: (An Inside Look)

N.E.: Tell us a little bit about your style of play?

Del Rio: Well, that’s easy. I love to attack. I love to go for it. What’s been really great that since joining the Independence and working with Paul Riley I really feel like I have the freedom to do just that. And Veronica is the same way so I really look forward to practices and games.

N.E.: Tell us something unique about yourself that some of your fans may not know?

Del Rio: Ha! Well I’m really a goof. I love to prank people. The other day during practice Lianne (Sanderson) and I were going for a ball at the same time and I made it seem like she had struck me and fell to the ground. Lianne came over and about five of the girls were asking if I was ok. I got up and and started laughing. Yea, I’m definitely a prankster.

N.E.: What would be your dream car?

Del Rio: That’s easy! The new Audi A1 in black please!

N.E.: What type of music do you like to listen to?

Del Rio: Let’s see. I like music from artists like Bruno Mars, El Canto del Loco, a Spaniard performer. I highly recommend it. And Leona Lewis.

Laura del Rio first came to the U.S. and joined FC Indiana in the W-League where she spent two sessions, scoring 33 goals. After that she signed with European powerhouse FFC Frankfurt and then joined the Boston Breakers. During her career with the Spaniard Women’s National Team she scored 40 goals in 39 caps. To add to her already extensive tally, she scored her first goal of the season with the Philadelphia Independence this past weekend against the Atlanta Beat in Philadelphia’s 2-1 win.


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