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WPS issues statement on magicJack

This just won’t end, will it?  Women’s Professional Soccer issued a statement on Saturday outlining precisely why magicJack was deducted a point in the WPS standings.  Upon the issuing of the point deduction, magicJack team owner Dan Borislow responded with some strong words against league hierarchy.

Needless to say, WPS did not take too kindly to Borislow’s comments.  I’ll let the league’s statement (below) speak for itself:

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 14, 2011) – Warning the owner of the magicJack women’s soccer club that it will not tolerate his contractual failures and disparaging statements, Women’s Professional Soccer took action to ensure the team can meet obligations.

The League said today that it will contract directly with vendors for field boards and match video systems so that the team can meet obligations and will bill the team for this action.

The team staged its first three home games without complying with several league rules, including those requiring display of sponsor field boards and submission of match video.  The League said that unless team ownership immediately improves and adheres to League standards, further sanctions will be immediate and swift.

“Women’s Professional Soccer is committed to be the premier women’s soccer league in the world.  WPS has taken, and will continue to take, appropriate measures to protect the integrity and future of the league and our brand,” said CEO Anne-Marie Eileraas.

“When Mr. Borislow purchased an ownership interest in the Washington Freedom, he bought an organization with existing obligations to the league and others.  All owners and teams must comply with the league’s operating guidelines, which represent the commitment of WPS and its owners to a high standard of quality and professionalism.

“WPS has offered the team (re-named magicJack) ample time, options and assistance to ensure that all league standards were met.  To our disappointment, the team has failed to meet these standards, and instead of working with his partners to address those failures, Mr. Borislow has chosen to make public statements that reflect a blatant disregard for the truth and are damaging to the best interests of the league.  In penalizing the team, WPS has not acted without cause or precedent, and has only taken the action necessary to enforce the regulations of the league,” Eileraas said.

“We will not allow any individual to diminish the quality and value of our league.  WPS and its Board of Governors are committed to preserving the integrity of our game, and will take immediate action – including taking over certain functions the team has failed to manage — to protect the best interests of the team, the league, fans, players, and sponsors, and to return the focus where it should be:  on the unparalleled play on the field,” said T. Fitz Johnson, chair of the WPS Board of Governors.

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