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Kendall Fletcher Blog: An introduction to Fun Fletcher Facts

Well I am not really sure the best way to start a blog series, so I’m just going to attack this the same way I would a swimming pool on a cool morning…let’s just jump right in. There will be no feeling out the water with my big toe or easing my way in. I’m a cannon ball, all in, big splash kind of girl, so here we go.

My name is Kendall Fletcher and I am a midfield/defender for New Jersey’s Sky Blue FC. I am originally from North Carolina and I played my college soccer years at UNC Chapel Hill. I’ve played my way through all of the youth national teams, winning a U-19 World Championship and multiple Nordic Cup Championships with the U-21/23’s. I have one cap with the full women’s national team and I was the assistant coach at UC Irvine for 2 years under Head Coach Scott Juniper. After my experience there I am really looking forward to getting into coaching when my playing career is over, you know in 20 years ; )

So now that my playing bio is out of the way, which really tells you nothing more than what I’ve done, let’s get in to the things big splashes are made of like who I am and what I think! To do this each blog post will contain Fun Fletcher Facts!

Fun Fletcher Fact # 1 – I wrote a blog for the New Jersey Sky Blue website during this past off season. Check those out here.

Okay, so maybe at first glance this Fun Fletcher Fact seems like a lame little baby splash in the kiddy end of the pool, BUT upon further investigation you will see that with this one fact I have now told you about six other blog posts I have written, which is a great way to get a taste of what is to come. So really, if you think about it, this first Fun Fletcher Fact has turned into a 6-for-1 deal and THAT my friends is a splash that is cannon ball worthy!

But on to a more serious sized splash, writing the blog this summer was not only a blast it also helped me to see the importance of being a good steward over opportunities I am given to express my thoughts and opinions on topics inside and outside the game. As a female professional athlete, no matter how well known or anonymous, I have been blessed with a platform and an opportunity to use my voice, but these do me no good if I do not use them. So it is my hope that through this blog, with a little fun and laughter, I can also bring awareness to issues, start meaningful discussions, and maybe impact, even if just in a small way, those of you who are gracious enough to take the time to read what I have to say.

Next up, my Fun Fletcher Fact will take us down to the wonderful land of Oz!

Kendall Fletcher is a defender/midfielder for Sky Blue FC of Women’s Professional Soccer. She will be contributing blog posts to The Equalizer throughout the 2011 season. Do you have questions for Kendall? Would you like to see her write about a particular subject? Send your thoughts to info [@]


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