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Looking for a family feeling: Gina DiMartino talks Philly

Some faithful WPS fans might be wondering just what the preseason has in store for their favorite players. To get an inside look and to learn a little bit about one of the newest players on the roster for the Philadelphia Independence we took some time to speak with no other than Gina DiMartino.

DiMartino brings a fresh outlook to the Independence front line. She certainly has a lot of experience and a gold medal earned in the U-20’s during the 2008 World Cup on her resume. In fact just in 2009 while at Boston College, DiMartino was her team’s captain, finished her career as seventh on the all-time scoring list, earned New England Women’s Intercollegiate Soccer Association First-Team honors and was a M.A.C. Hermann Trophy finalist. That’s just some of her achievements.

Here is a little bit of what DiMartino, who plays alongside sister Christina with Philadelphia, had to say about day one of this year’s preseason and some of her favorite past moments.

Nell Enriquez: How was the first training session? What did you work on?

DiMartino: It was good! Yeah, It wasn’t too bad. We just did a fitness inter-build drill and then we did some weightlifting.

N.E.: How do you feel being back on the field?

DiMartino: It’s good. We all came back and I felt like we didn’t even leave yet. It was just like last year, which is good.

N.E.: How do you feel now being part of the Independence?

DiMartino: I love the girls. I love the team. Everyone is as welcoming as last year so it’s good to be back.

N.E.: What are you looking forward to most in the preseason and regular season? Is there anything in particular coming up that you just can’t wait for?

DiMartino: It’s just great to come back and see some of the girls again and seeing what everyone was up to and just getting back in to the flow of things. Getting back on a schedule.

N.E.: Are you looking forward to any specific matches this season?

DiMartino: Not really. Just taking each game at a time and looking at the preseason games. I mean our first game is a big game (a March 19 doubleheader against Duke and UCONN). Kinda setting a statement after last year.

N.E.: Can you talk a little about your experience with the U-20’s? Any favorite memories?

DiMartino: That was one of my favorite times, being part of a team that won the World Cup. We were just such a close team. Spending so much time together and traveling with them. Even just being with the team up on stage was just awesome. The whole experience was just awesome. It was a long journey – over a year – but [being] at the World Cup the final game and hearing that whistle blow and we won it was like, crazy being on stage with our medals on. And the stands full and everyone screaming and just cheering. It was crazy. A moment you never forget.

N.E.: Is this the same sort of feeling you’re hoping with the Independence?

DiMartino: Yea, I mean that’s what we hope to get to. The final game just being up there as the champions would just be great.

N.E.: Are there any particular team members you really enjoy playing with or anyone you enjoy playing against because they make you step up your game a bit more?

DiMartino: Playing with my sister here is just awesome because she’s just such a role model to me. She’s older than me, so I always look up to her even on the field. Playing with her really pushes me out there.

N.E.: In a possible Independence final, who would you like to play against?

DiMartino: Looking at all the rosters I feel like every team is stacked with great players because there are only six teams out there, but I would love to play any team just getting into the final. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

N.E.: And one for fun. Do you have a Twitter account?

DiMartino: I do not have a twitter account. I’m so bad with technology. I just got Facebook a little while ago. I’m not good with it. The girls do talk about the WPS fans and how fans keep up with us through twitter. I wouldn’t even know how to go about setting it up.

DiMartino has a great attitude about the preseason and is ready for the regular season to start. She should be a great addition to the Independence. DiMartino made it onto Facebook. Who knows, maybe by the end of the season someone will convince her to give Twitter a try.


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