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CSA and its Women's Nation Team – 'Looking Upon It With A Jaundiced Eye': Equalizer Women's Soccer Podcast

Perhaps it shouldn’t surprised us that a women’s national team is meeting with problems their male counterparts would never encounter. It’s just strange that it’s happening in Canada, where you would have suspected more murmurs before it hit the fan this week. But it certainly did, starting with the resignation of Carolina Morace. Now with word the national team will not play until their demands are met – demands that include improved compensation and the retention of Morace – the team that had such a stellar 2010 is engulfed in negativity, a storm that could compromise the country’s bid for the 2015 World Cup and, if the storm doesn’t subside, undermine their 2011 World Cup.

On this edition of the pod, Jeff and I are joined by CBC senior writer John Molinaro, who has been covering this story up in Canada. He gives us the context, state, progress, and prognosis of the problems.

That, and we get caught up on news around the U.S. Women’s team and WPS.


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