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Rochester, meet Marta

Dear Rochester, here is a sample of what you can look forward to in a few months.  Anyone near Boston, Central New Jersey, Philadelphia, Atlanta or Washington, D.C. – er, Florida…well, we’ll see, but anyway – you had better pay close attention to the WPS schedule (which should come out in the next couple of weeks.  Circle the date when the Western New York Flash come to town.

Below is yet another magical moment from Marta from a 5-1 Santos win over Juventus on Sunday.  The finish is a bit of showmanship, but hey, she is the five-time World Player of the Year.  She gets away with things like this:

Magical Marta

In news also related to Santos, the club is yet to renew the contract of Marta’s Brazilian teammate Cristiane, who may not find a new home in WPS either. More here.


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