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Amanda DaCosta talks about being drafted by magicTalk SC/Washington Freedom

On January 14, former Florida State midfielder Amanda DaCosta was drafter No. 17-overall by magicTalk SC/Washington Freedom.  It was far lower than some (including The Equalizer) had predicted DaCosta might be drafted.  Widely considered a first-round draft pick, DaCosta fell to the Freedom franchise – which had already made three earlier selections – in the third round.

DaCosta is a scrappy, work horse type of central midfielder who registered four goals and two assists in 22 starts during her 2010 senior campaign.  She is also a member of the U.S. U-23 National Team.  Now, she will look to take her play to WPS and make an impact with magicTalk SC/Washington Freedom.

Jeff Kassouf:  So how does it feel to be drafted?

Amanda DaCosta: I am just really excited about the opportunity.  I mean, ever since I started playing soccer I’ve kind of looked forward to an opportunity like this so I am just excited to get into preseason and try to make an impact if I can.

JK:  What kind of contact have you had with the team so far?

AD: I haven’t had too much.  I know all the general managers and the coaches are really busy with a lot of different things right now.  I’ve gotten some e-mails and I have gotten in contact with them that way and I am supposed to be hearing from them soon.

JK:  How do you feel about being taken at No. 17-overall?  Did you expect to go higher?

AD: No, I mean maybe I expected to go higher but it’s all the same.  As long as you get the opportunity to go into preseason, that’s really all that matters.  Like I said, I’m just glad that I got the chance to go in and play.

JK:  Is it kind of cool that the team might be playing in Florida?  That would be somewhat close to Florida State University.

AD: Yea, it is kind of cool.  It’s weird how that all works out I guess.  But it’s great weather down here and I’m not going to opposed to the warm weather at all.

JK:  Did you stay down there during the winter?

AD: Yea, well I went home briefly for winter break and then I came back here because it’s just a better atmosphere to train.  I can use the facilities at Florida State and the weather is much more cooperative than the ice storms that we have been having back home.

JK:  So what are your expectations heading into preseason?  Is your mindset right now just to make the team?

AD: I mean, I don’t know.  I’ve always been a hard working player so I’m just hoping to go in fit and ready and just try my best to make the roster.  I really think I can fit in well with the program so I really hope that I show well in preseason and they see some of my qualities.

JK:  And you have probably heard about a couple of the players potentially headed to play for magicTalk SC/Washington Freedom. Is it exciting to potentially be around such a wealth of talent?

AD: Oh yea, it is definitely exciting.  You know, growing up watching these kinds of players and now I get the chance to play with them – it’s crazy.

JK:  How would you sum up the FSU season?

AD: It was a roller coaster of a season, that’s for sure.  Our team lost some players due to injury and other freak things like that, so we had to make a lot of adjustments.  But it was a great season.  It was my senior season.  We came up a little shorter than we wanted to but it was good.

JK:  How did Mark Krikorian and the entire program there prepare you for the next level?

AD: Being at Florida State, it’s just a very special atmosphere, so that alone helps.  They treat us like professionals.  Our facilities here are some of the best that I have seen at the college, so that definitely helps.

JK:  And do you stay in touch with any of your old teammates who are in the league now?

AD: Well, I don’t talk to India Trotter too much but we are friends.  Me and Becky Edwards are still friends.  We talk almost every day and Mami Yamaguchi, it’s hard to get in touch with her.  We still keep in touch with Facebook and e-mail sometimes.

JK:  Have they mentored you at all or told you what to expect?

AD: I would say that on that half it would be Becky Edwards just because we are so close.  So, I kind of get the ins and outs of what she had to go through.  I would say we were in pretty similar situations going into the league, so I definitely look to her for some advice and what now.


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