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Brittany Taylor Blog: On All-Stars and meeting the president

Sky Blue FC defender Brittany Taylor just had one crazy week.  Her team got a huge win in California and immediately flew back to New Jersey so the All-Star players could get to Atlanta for the 2010 WPS All-Star Game.  They also happened to meet President Obama.  It’s all just in a week’s work.  Here is Taylor’s latest blog about one memorable week:

Sometimes when you are in the moment you forget to take a step back and appreciate what you are doing or where you are.  Sometimes you get caught up with the negatives that come with what you are doing and forget the chance of a lifetime you are about to experience.  Looking back on the past week, I am very happy that I took the time to step back and take in where I was and how I got there.
Being selected as a 2010 All-Star is an honor, but the best part of the trip was having a chance to play with some of the best players in the world. To be able to say that my teammates were Marta, Christine Sinclair, Kristine Lilly, and Christie Rampone is pretty amazing.  After having a long travel from California back to New Jersey and then to Atlanta it was very easy to complain, but Jesse told me to take a minute and think about where I was and how I got there.  During training on Tuesday I took a minute at the end to look around and see all of the talented players from across the world standing next to me.  It also makes you happy when Marta picks you on her team so you don’t have to worry about defending her.  I think it had something to do with us (Sky Blue FC) beating them (FC Gold Pride) on Sunday . . . LOL!
Next up on the week of adventure was a trip to the White House to meet President Obama. This was the second time I toured the White House. When I was in high school I got a tour of the White House with my best friend Nicole because her uncle was in the secret service. We were playing in the WAGS tournament and got a chance to go to Washington, D.C.  However, this visit ended a lot different.  The first time it ended with taking a picture behind the microphone stand that the president addresses the country with, but this time it ended with meeting President Obama and taking a picture with him.  When I took a minute to look back on how I got there it actually made me laugh.  Thanks to my fellow teammates and their hard work last year on winning the 2009 WPS Championship, I got a chance to meet the President!  I guess sometimes there is a little bit of luck!
Even though the week was filled with a ton of traveling and I have never slept so much in the next 3 days it was well worth it! I had a chance to play with the best players in the world and to meet the president!  There are not that many people that can say they have done that in the same week!

Like always I leave you with a thought . . .

Always take time to step back and soak in your surroundings! Never take things for granted!
Brittany Taylor is a defender for Sky Blue FC and a 2010 WPS All-Star.  She contributes periodic blog entries to The Equalizer to give insight into the life of a WPS player.


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