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Boxx headed west, Athletica players update

The Atlanta Beat made serious upgrades to its roster Tuesday by signing former Saint Louis Athletica goalkeeper Hope Solo, defender Tina Ellertson and forward Eniola Aluko.  Word is, the Beat may not be done making moves.  Sources have indicated that midfielder Lori Chalupny’s options seem to be down to Atlanta and the Boston Breakers.

Also, it should not be completely overlooked that No. 1-overall draft pick in the 2010 WPS Draft Tobin Heath is now out for the season.  She was battling some mystery illness that still has not been explained by the team or doctors but she also suffered an ankle injury that caused her to sit out this stint of games before the season-ending announcement.

One other big name that has now gone through two franchises disbanding in four months is Shannon Boxx.  She came to Saint Louis by way of the Los Angeles Sol folding and looks to be headed back west.  The Equalizer has confirmed that Boxx, a Redondo Beach, Calif. native, will return to her home state and join first-place FC Gold Pride.  Boxx will bolster a midfield that is perhaps the weak point of a stacked FC Gold Pride team that features Marta, Christine Sinclair, Kelley O’Hara and Tiffeny Milbrett.

Sky Blue FC is interested in Aya Miyama, although the two are far from any type of dea., and the team has also signed Italian striker Patrizia Panico, who captains the Italian Women’s National Team.  Sky Blue FC would be able to sign both players under a USSF and WPS amendment that will allow each team to carry six international players for 2010 only.  Roster sizes and salary caps will remain the same, though, making it harder to sign Athletica players.

Still no word on where other Athletica players may end up, although that talk covers most of the major names outside of Lindsay Tarpley.  Just as an update on yesterday’s report on off contract compensation: There is a cap on how much can be spent off contract as well.  Teams cannot spend more than $250,000 on off contract compensation, although as mentioned, it is hard to police.

What are your thoughts on these developments?  Is Atlanta going to save its season now?  Can FC Gold Pride get any better?  Share your thoughts below.

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Jeff said…
I don’t doubt that by any means. The ankle is the problem by all reports. The whole illness mystery is just odd, that’s all.
Aimee said…
What I’ve heard with Tobin is that this is the ankle, it’s not her being sick again/still. Dunno how much I can depend on what I’ve heard but it seems pretty legit.
Jeff said…
Jane – If FC Gold Pride can afford Boxx on top of others and is willing to foot the bill, it seems totally fair. The league does not have a whole lot of say on that. The salary cap and roster size were adhered to, which is all that really matters.
Jane said…
Boxx should not go to Gold Pride. That’s just not fair. That team is already stacked. Can’t the league do anything to balance the teams. Solo to Atlanta along with Aluko etc. Now that makes sense.
Jeff said…
Leo – Good catch. I updated the wording. To my knowledge, she is still battling some type of illness, though according to that article this is ankle-related. I’ll look into it.
leo said…
A Marietta D-J article says that Heath was out for the season due the ankle injury and not illness. Apparently her ankle required surgery.
Robyn said…
I saw on another website that Atlanta has also signed Carolyn Blank.
Alex said…
What the what?!? Boxxy to Gold Pride? Pretty excited about that. Wonder who (if anyone) will have to be released.
Alex said…
What the what?!? Boxxy to Gold Pride? Pretty excited about that. Wonder who (if anyone) will have to be released.

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