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Dear Fox Soccer Channel: No Fawcett?

Seemingly overlooked Sunday was the induction of Jeff Agoos and Joy Fawcett into the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

Well, the Agoos part might not have been overlooked as much as Fawcett.

Watching the Fox Soccer Report on Monday night seemed to sum up just abouteverything that is wrong with the coverage of women’s soccer – the lackof it.  There was a brief one minute or so clip on Agoos and hisstoried career with the U.S. National Team and in Major League Soccer. And then…

MLS highlights.  No mention of Fawcett.

Was Fawcett any less of a player or of any less important at this inductionceremony?  Absolutely not.  So, why would the Fox Soccer Report chooseto mention that Jeff Agoos was inducted into the Hall of Fame and notmention a word about anyone else, including Fawcett?

Fun fact: Fawcett played in more Olympics (3) and more World Cups (4) than Agoos.  Why is she getting overlooked?

Check out this great piece by P.J. Harmer of The Daily Star (Oneonta) from induction day:


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