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The Equalizer: Leveling the Playing Field in Soccer Communications

The Equalizer is exactly what it says it is: A soccer news site dedicated to leveling the playing field in soccer communications by giving precedent to the women’s game. Too often, important women’s soccer news goes unreported, and it is the goal of this site to make sure that such news gets the proper attention.

You can be sure to look here for everything from important feature stories to one-on-one interviews with some of the best players in the women’s game. The two stories on WPS expansion and Abby Wambach that coincide with the launching of the site are justification of this notion, but are only the beginning. This site will primarily focus on Women’s Professional Soccer, the USL W-League and the United States Women’s National Team. However, there will also be content on the men’s game, including the USL and other leagues that do not receive enough coverage in the media. As Director of Communications for the Hudson Valley Quickstrike Lady Blues – a W-league team that is currently undefeated and garnering national attention on and off the field – as well as a soccer reporter for, I am in a unique position to bring the public exclusive women’s soccer content on a consistent basis. What you can expect from this site is thoughtful, honest and fair content that aims to enlighten the public. This will mainly involve more in-depth stories, but the blog section of the site will serve as a way for me to communicate quick thoughts with fans for an open discussion of pressing issues. What you should not expect from this site is any type of spin or bias. My role here is to report and analyze, not to promote anyone or anything. There also will not be a simple regurgitation of match reports or play-by-play on every women’s game out there, because right now I am a one-man team and it simply is not possible. As time goes on, the site will continue to expand its content. I hope that everyone is excited about this endeavor as I am and that The Equalizer becomes your first stop for women’s soccer news. This has been a work in the making for a while now, and I have a lot of thanks to issue to many parties. Most importantly, I would like to thank Joe Belsito and his entire staff at Belsito Communications for making this site look top-notch and working with me to develop it to perfection. They’ve done a great job and deserve a lot of credit for the aesthetics of this site. Feel free to email me your thoughts at I look forward to hearing from all of you, and to getting the ball rolling on this site!

Sincerely, Jeff Kassouf Owner/Operator The Equalizer


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