NWSL to offer streams on league site, app

Dan Lauletta May 19, 2017 11

Domestic fans of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) will have access to live streams via nwslsoccer.com and the league’s web app for the next few weeks while issues with the go90 streaming service are worked out. The announcement was made late Thursday afternoon via Twitter. Lifetime Games of the Week will remain exclusive to Lifetime and the Lifetime site/app.

As part of a new media deal with A+E Networks which created NWSL Media as the league’s marketing arm, streaming rights were sold to Verizon to stream all non-Lifetime matches via the go90 app and go90.com. Each of the first five weeks has come with viewer issues culminating last Sunday when neither match ever made it onto the go90 stream. Those matches were eventually released to be made available to American fans via the league site. International fans were already able to access the matches that way.

The league has not commented directly on the reason for the issues. However the fact that the international feeds have mostly worked seems to be an indication that the difficulty lies in the distribution. The next match is Friday night when the Breakers host the Thorns at Jordan Field. It will be the first match of the season not played on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • vista worldlink

    this won’t fix the commentary audio issues, especially when mike watts is screaming (all the time), or the inaccurate on-screen graphics, or the periodic stream lapses, or the first-mile transmission issues in orlando, or vista worldlink sending the wrong streams to both go90 and international stream players, or vista worldlink switching between game streams mid-match, or the obstructed camera view and sun reflection at jordan field, or the jerky camera operators in boston, kc, and washington, but it’s a start

    • Silver Frost

      Still, if you can watch as an international viewer, there are few issues. So much better than blurry U-tube.

      • vista worldlink

        all nwsl media had to do was buy new cameras for half the teams, which they did, and youtube would’ve been fine. vista didn’t even hire new camera operators, and it shows in places like seattle and boston. go90 and vista moves were purely about money, go90 to get some and vista to save some. costcutting shows across the vista productions, all now consistently bad in graphics, direction, and commentary

      • vista worldlink

        and yeah, if you watched the second half of washington, the new cameras didn’t matter either since nobody could bother to defog the damn lens

  • AlexH

    I’m glad they are addressing this. Soccer is very much a local club sport in which people care way more about their team than the league. Having a nationally televised “Game of the Week” is a nice feather in the cap for the league but what is critical is that fans have a way to see their team play every week.

  • Terry Lash

    Where on the NWSL web site is the link to watch the livestream of tonight’s game? I don’t see it.

    • mockmook

      It pops up in the game preview window about an hour before the game (you may have to refresh the page — and then refresh the page again to get the video to start at 7PM).

      It’s there now (as a static image).

      • Terry Lash

        Thanks. Just before you replied I accidentally found the link by clicking on the preview window. I’d have thought NWSL would have made the connection more explicit.

        Tried to find the NWSL app on my iPad and failed. Does it really exist?

        • mockmook

          “Tried to find the NWSL app on my iPad and failed. Does it really exist?”

          Don’t know, but I believe if it does exist, it is only functional for international viewers.

          • Terry Lash

            In the end I watched using go90, so I (and my wife) could see the game on TV. There were no problems with the go90 stream. Thanks again for responding.

        • mockmook

          “I’d have thought NWSL would have made the connection more explicit.”

          The NWSL makes nothing explicit — they prefer we learn everything via rumors and tweets of rumors.