Thursday Roundup: Rose Lavelle Inks New Balance Deal

The Equalizer Staff April 20, 2017 57


Rose Lavelle addressing the room after the Breakers made her the top pick in the NWSL draft

Number one draft pick Rose Lavelle has signed an endorsement deal with New Balance.

Newly-allocated Rose Lavelle has signed a multi-year endorsement deal with New Balance, becoming the first female soccer player to sign with the shoe company. The 2017 number one draft pick will wear New Balance boots on the field and feature in a variety of ads.

“I am so excited to be joining New Balance as the first female soccer player for Team NB,” Lavelle said. “It’s especially meaningful that I’m now playing for a Boston team and wearing boots made by a Boston-based brand. I’m really looking forward to working with New Balance to help grow the brand and the game of soccer both domestically and internationally.”

Lavelle wowed critics and crowds alike after making her first appearance for the USWNT in the 2017 SheBelieves Cup, going on to start four straight matches for the National Team. The midfielder scored her first international goal against Russia in Houston. She also made her NWSL debut last week in the Breakers season opener, a 2-0 loss at Kansas City.


Orlando’s blockbuster signing Marta is finally on her way to join the team. Pride supporter’s group The Crown is organizing a welcome party to meet her upon arrival at Orlando International Airport after crossing the Atlantic from Stockholm, Sweden, via Reyjkavik, Iceland. The Brazilian forward will appear in a press conference tomorrow before joining the team in training ahead of Saturday’s home opener against the Washington Spirit.

Pride head coach Tom Sermanni had initially planned for Marta to be available on Saturday, but it is unknown if her late arrival will affect his plans. The Pride have featured her in their #FilltheBowl marketing campaign, advertising heavily in an attempt to break the NWSL attendance record, set in Orlando’s very first game last year. Orlando looks to bounce back after dropping three points last week against the Portland Thorns.


Carli Lloyd's header lifted Man City over Fortuna Hjorring in their UWCL quarterfinal match. (photo: Manchester City)

Manchester City’s semifinal with Lyon will be available to watch in the US. (photo: Manchester City)

The first leg of the UEFA Women’s Champions League between Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona Femeni has sold out ahead of Saturday’s fixture. UEFA reported this morning that all 12,945 tickets have been sold for the match at Mini Estadi in Barcelona.

While international broadcasting has not been announced for that match, Americans will be able to watch both legs of the other semifinal between Carli Lloyd’s Manchester City and Alex Morgan’s Olympique Lyon (defending champions). Manchester will host the first leg this Saturday before traveling to Lyon the following Saturday. Both matches will be available for viewing in the US via ESPN3.

Lloyd scored the only goal in Manchester City’s first leg of the quarterfinal against Fortuna Hjørring. Morgan has not yet scored in Champions League play but has notched five goals in Division 1 Féminine matches.

Lloyd has lauded Manchester City for allocating equal resources on and off the pitch for both the men’s and women’s teams, telling BBC Sport recently that there are standards and other things learned she can take back from her time in the FAWSL to help make the NWSL better.

{Read More: Amy Rodriguez out for the season | Q&A with McCall Zerboni}


Several Washington Spirit players announced today that they are launching a new blog, titled Beyond Our Boots, after midfielder Tori Huster teased the announcement on her Twitter account yesterday. The site, self-described as “unofficially official”, does not appear to be limited to any select team members. Instead, it is only attributed to “2017 Washington Spirit Players.” They will feature weekly news six days a week, with each weekday highlighting a different theme such as Train-Worthy Tuesdays and Foodie Fridays, before culminating in a game day post.

Beyond Our Boots is the latest in a rising trend of WoSo players launching internet ventures or finding other ways to have an online voice. Kristie and Sam Mewis formed Sporting Chic with Stephanie McCaffrey, while Emilie Haavi and Tiffany Weimer (founder of Our Game Magazine) are contributing regular columns to websites covering women’s soccer.


  • Ando91881

    Cool for Rose. The Chicago Red Stars got their one small chance for local news media coverage in the Chicagoland area today. The local news station with the lowest ratings had Christen Press on their morning show for an interview, Better than nothing, but this station is only being watched by 10,000-20,000 people in the morning. There is video.

    • mockmook

      Handled with aplomb…

      And, she looked marvelous, darling…

      • Ando91881

        Hope you had a relaxing Easter/Passover Mockmook. Hopefully if I post a few things here over the next couple of months we can get along respectfully.

        • mockmook

          The same to you — and, yes, hopefully 🙂

    • A_Dog_Without_A_Clutch
      • Ando91881

        That program gets only a couple of hundred viewers. Smaller audience than the one Christen appeared on this morning. The CLTV network is pretty much like the local government network that shows town hall or village board meetings. You know how there is one cable station where some residents might walk up the microphone and say something to local town officials or the local mayor? But only 100 people are actually watching on TV at home?

  • Movement

    Rose Lavelle is arguably the best young technical player in the history of the US women’s national team. She’s not the only young midfielder who can step onto the scene and make a big difference. Morgan Andrews was born to produce big production in big matches. It’s what she does. She’s a clutch player. She is a Lauren Holiday style of player, and a complete player. Scoring, play-making, set pieces, winning balls in the air, clinical tackling, connecting, holding, vision, leadership, organizing, fundamentals, defending, overall physicality. Everything.

    • Ashley C

      “Rose Lavelle is arguably the best young technical player in the history of the US women’s national team.”

      She’s certainly gifted but we really don’t have much to compare on that. It would be nice if we did. I wind up comparing her to some of France’s young players.

      • Movement

        And if that’s the case, then that only validates that lofty review of her.

    • Mrs. Lavelle

      Thanks Mom.

      • Movement

        You did well.

        • Nancymbruce

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    • DNG

      I don’t think I’d say she’s any more technical coming out of school than Morgan Brian. Better dribbler I guess but her passing ability doesn’t measure up.

    • Steglitz49

      Thank you. Rose will have her work cut out for herself in Boston. Better number 1 in Boston than number 4 in Portland or Orlando.

    • Tom F

      yet, oddly enough, the US lost it’s first two games that she played for them

      • Steglitz49

        Minor issue. Why bring reality and the facts of life into it? Don’t stress her/him, poor lamb.

      • Arcie Tillydee

        But it can be argued she was the _least_ responsible player for those losses…

    • guest

      Morgan Andrews will have a shot when the JE Cabal is replaced, but not until then.

    • guest

      That ‘show” is even less impressive. Watch the overall production: how many times is she dispossessed or taking the ball into a less dangerous situation?
      Her trying to put the ball on her left foot instead of taking an obvious right footed shot 12 yards out at 1;50 is a kiddie choice and actually a lowlight that I would not be putting on a highlight reel. She has an excellent first touch and finish on the goal, but special? I think not.

      • guest

        you just descibed most of the midfielders and forwards on the uswnt now. seems like she will fit right in.

  • TsovLoj

    They make dank wide shoes. I wonder if she’s got wide feet like me?

    • Movement

      I wouldn’t exactly call Lavelle.. wide.
      She’s not exactly in need of weight loss 3000
      And they may customize shoes just for her comfort.

      • OitNJ

        Anybody can have wide feet…it’s not a weight thing.

        • Movement

          If someone is slender and they have fat feet, then we need to come up with a nickname to crack on them.

          But yeah, large/obese individuals tend to grow fat everything on their body more so than their feet.

          So there’s not always an equal ratio between fat on someone’s back (and overall width of the body) vs. width on their feet.

          Not too many female athletes have to wear special shoes because the have colossal feet (in width).

          • guest

            it’s about bone structure not fat content on the foot. I am borderline underweight but my forefoot is wide and my toes splay wide

  • guest123

    She is smart to do this and not just follow the herd to Nike. Most sports brands have one or two premier female athletes per sport. Nike is all about Morgan, Lloyd and my guess is Pugh going forward. Meanwhile, OHara is a feature in all UA soccer ads and has literal billboards featuring her.

  • guest

    maybe next year players can spend less time starting blogs and more time starting a players union

  • truf

    Most staff and coaches already think she’s as technical player US has ever had. Now we all get to see if and how that transfers to the next level. exciting.

    • guest

      maybe with her left foot, but i haven’t seen anything much with her right. To earn that title, i would think a player would need to be better balanced.

  • Movement

    Lavelle and Pugh are moving up in the world.
    Pretty soon they will have their official selves in a video game.

    • Steglitz49

      The JFA made an attempt for 3 years. The first two years it was sponsored by a Japanese company called Mobcast. The third year it was the Swiss company Nestle who ponied up the money.

      The NWSL never sent a team.

      The first tournament was won by Lyon. The next two years Europe were represented by Chelsea and Arsenal Ladies. Yael Averbusch played for Arsenal in that last tournament.

  • A_Dog_Without_A_Clutch

    The Eredivisie Vrouwen (Netherlands) playoffs will begin at approximately 12:30 pm (CT).

    The way it works is that the top 4 teams play mini-season with the team that has the most points at the end winning the crown. The twist is that the starting points are based on the respective teams regular season’s results being halved:

    1. AFC Ajax 27 pts.
    2. FC Twente 22 pts.
    3. PSV 20 pts.
    4. ADO Den Haag 20 pts.

    #1 Ajax and #4 ADO match will air on ADO’s mycujoo stream:

    • Steglitz49

      Do any American, Canadian or Mexican lasses play in the NL?

      PSV share with Bayer Leverkusen a rare honor — they are allowed a company name in the club name. In PSV’s case it is Philips. The reason for this is that those companies started the sports clubs for the benefit of their workers.

    • Breakers fan

      I absolutely love your interest in following overseas women’s soccer and really appreciate the reports and the links to see games and highlights.

      Just curious – have you spent time living overseas or do you simply have an interest in women’s soccer worldwide?

  • jus’ sayin

    “Born to produce big production?”

  • Tad

    Just to clarify a point made in the article: the tickets weren’t sold, they were given FREE to club members and fans, as can be easily corroborated reading Barcelona’s web or Tweeter feed:

    As for UEFA’s tweet, they literally wrote: “All 12,945 tickets are gone for Saturday”.

    • Steglitz49

      It for sure helps to have a rich mother-ship, in this case the men of Barcelona.

      In the NWSL it is called MLS-based expansion. Same thing, just much less money.

      • mockmook

        Perhaps 12k fans buying food and drinks is more profitable than, say, only 2k fans paying to get in.

        • Steglitz49


          I look upon it as a loss-leader. Today free; next year a small charge.

        • guest

          of course it is. that still doesn’t mean “12,945 tickets have been sold”, something neither uefa nor barcelona are claiming. the only people saying any tickets at all were sold are equalizer writers

          • Steglitz49

            What is your point?

            That the living is easy when you belong to a rich men’s club? I am sure Portland, Houston and Orlando can confirm that.

  • mockmook

    The new phone books are here!!! The new phone books are here!!!

    Actually, it appears that the NWSL games are being archived at

    Just click on the “GAME INFO” box in the Schedule (Results) for a game, and presto, the full game video is available without an App.

  • GuestCan

    To be honest i would love to see a showdown between Rose Lavelle and Tobin Heath. People are saying that Rose is a better technical player than Tobin. So,what does everyone about that? Could Rose take Tobin’s starting position in the near Future?

    • mockmook

      Rose should play centrally — so in a sane world, they should not be competing for a position

    • Steglitz49

      Tobin is 7 years older than Rose so any overlap will eventually go away. A bigger concern for Rose is Moe Brian but as Moe is getting married, she may follow in ARod’s and Syd’s footsteps.

    • guest

      Can Rose dribble left to right or can she only dribble right to left. Her back heel reverse passes to the right, or through, as she dribbles left are nifty, but will cease to be an obvious option as teams figure her out. That said, Ellis better make sure there is a runner to Rose’s right at all times for an option.

      I wonder if we will see her effectiveness rapidly dwindle as she is scouted unless she becomes more well rounded.
      To play in the middle of the field, it is very difficult to have such a pronounced favored foot. Even Messi scores with his right and his head. I saw a statistic once about it. I think he scored about 2/3 of his goals with his left, but his dribbling with his left is on another planet, while Rose’s while excellent with her left, has not proven to be consistently a game changer against top teams especially after being scouted. i don’t think the scouting reports on her college games is applicable. The other top nations I am sure are reviewing tape on her and coming to the conclusion, that to contain her is to overplay her left foot.

      • Steglitz49

        Is the Pope a catholic?

      • guest

        how many goals has messi scored with his head this year?

    • guest

      I think sometimes we conflate being good at tricks with being technical. To me a technical player is one with an excellent first touch, vision, ability to easily relieve pressure through passing, always know what you’re going to do with it before you get it. Tobin has some of those qualities but tricks =/= technical.

  • Steglitz49

    The ladies U17 clubs for the Gothia Cup tournament this summer have been announced. They are:

    Foreign teams in ladies U17: Right to Dream, Ghana; Team Viborg, Denmark; Red Star Belgrade, Serbia; CCL Soccer Club, USA; Stabaek Fotball, Norge; Gamba Osaka, Japan; Nor Cal Soccer, USA; and Gasteizko Neskak, Spanien.
    Swedish teams: Eskilstuna United, Rosengård, Umeå, AIK, Limhamn-Bunkeflo, Linköping, Djurgården, and Växjö.

  • A_Dog_Without_A_Clutch

    BREAKING WOSO NEWS!!!!!!!!!!


    • guest

      good riddance to bad business. sucks for the players, but that ship was already sunk. 28k turnover on 500k of player and staff salaries

      • Steglitz49

        What a wonderful positive attitude.

        Meanwhile, Barcelona’s ladies can afford free admission to their ladies Champions League match. It helps to belong to a rich men’s club.

  • Steven

    I wonder how much Lavelles contract with NB is worth. This must be a result of the new CBA conditions.

    • mockmook

      Pretty sure many players had shoe deals before the new CBA.

  • Paul Klee

    So Lavelle has been wearing NB boots beginning with the #shebelievescup. She wore Nike’s at the January camp. BADGERS wore UA’s. My question is was she just trying them out at She Believes or was she already under contract and just upgraded her contract?

    • Steglitz49

      Does it matter? If so, how?