NWSL Monday Morning Wakeup: Week 1

The Equalizer Staff April 17, 2017 25
Abby Dahlkemper slides to challenge Katie Stengel during the Courage's 1-0 win over the Washington Spirit (photo copyright: EriMac Photo for The Equalizer)

Abby Dahlkemper slides to challenge Katie Stengel during the Courage’s 1-0 win over the Washington Spirit (photo copyright: EriMac Photo for The Equalizer)

Here’s your Monday Morning Wakeup for Week 1 of the 2017 NWSL season:

2017 NWSL Standings
Houston Dash 1 0 0 2 0 3
Portland Thorns FC 1 0 0 2 0 3
FC Kansas City 1 0 0 2 0 3
North Carolina Courage 1 0 0 1 0 3
Seattle Reign FC 0 0 1 1 1 1
Sky Blue FC 0 0 1 1 1 1
Washington Spirit 0 1 0 0 1 0
Boston Breakers 0 1 0 0 2 0
Chicago Red Stars 0 1 0 0 2 0
Orlando Pride 0 1 0 0 2 0


Results and Schedule

Houston Dash 2, Chicago Red Stars 0 (recap)
-HOU: Ohai (Brooks), 15
-HOU: Daly (Ohai), 80
att: 4,484

Portland Thorns FC 2, Orlando Pride 0 (recap)
-POR: Nadim (PK), 32
-POR: Sinclair (Long), 674
att: 16,145

Washington Spirit 0, North Carolina Courage 1 (recap  |  Gordon)
-NC: Zerboni (Doniak), 18
att: 2,400

Seattle Reign FC 1, Sky Blue FC 1 (recap)
-SEA: Rapinoe (PK), 56
-NJ: Killion (PK), 62
att: 3,521

FC Kansas City 2, Boston Breakers 0 (recap  |  Scoby)
-KC: Leroux (Sauerbrunn), 7
-KC: Rodriguez (Groom), 48
att: 3,340

Week 2 Saturday
Orlando Pride vs Washington Spirit, 4 p.m. EDT (Lifetime)
Chicago Red Stars vs FC Kansas City, 4 p.m. EDT
North Carolina Courage vs Portland Thorns FC, 7:30 p.m. EDT
Seattle Reign FC vs Houston Dash, 10 p.m. EDT

Week 2 Sunday
Boston Breakers vs Sky Blue FC, 4 p.m. EDT

storylines for the week

Here are some NWSL storylines we’ll be following this week:

-injury updates on Amy Rodriguez, Joanna Lohman, Cheyna Williams, and Elizabeth Eddy
-how NWSL on Lifetime is being received
-how NWSL on the go90 app is being received
-Marta is headed for U.S. shores; expected to debut this weekend

  • To compared to last season attendance (taken from Wikipedia):

    2017 (2016 opening game, 2016 average)
    Houston: 4484 (7,440, 5,696)
    Portland: 16,145 (16,073, 16,945)
    Washington: 2,400 (3,578, 3,782)
    Seattle: 3,521 (3,987, 4,602)
    Kansas City: 3,340 (8,022, 3,162)

    • Ando91881

      Houston’s 2015 average attendance was significantly boosted by a bunch of kids wanting Carli Lloyd’s autograph after games, because at that time she was fresh and a major news story. Then as the 2016 goes on, fewer kids are interested in her autograph and there is a little less motivation to go to a match. Same with this year. It will probably decline a little from last year’s numbers. They’ve already got her autograph so the individual star power is gone.

      • Steglitz49

        I don’t get any impression that attendances in Germany have shot through the roof since winning the OG gold last year, nor in Sweden after picking up the silver. As for Canada, they are cofounders with the US and Mexico of the NWSL.

        Sinc in Portland may have pulled in the punters anyway. Kadeisha and Ashley play in Lyon and Paris, respectively.

    • GT

      As usual Portland kicks ass. KC not bad. The other three disappointing. Hopefully as the the new TV contract sinks in, attendance will rise. The rosters are especially impressive this year. Maybe Marta can provide a little boost (especially in Orlando.) Curious to see how NC Courage is received.

      • I was seriously impressed with KC’s turnout for this game. I didn’t think we would get the turnout on a holiday, but the place was packed. Lots of families, Jen Buczkowski was there with the kids she coaches, a lot of women’s tackle football players were there, the supporter’s group tailgate was as big or even bigger than it was the year we opened at Sporting Park, and a lot of the out-of-state fans traveled in for this game. Dom Dwyer (and Cassius) was there and managed to get past all the fans wanting a photo of him. It was a great turnout.

        I haven’t checked the schedule to see what the overlap is with Sporting Kansas City and/or the KC Titans, but anytime there is no overlap we should get a pretty good turnout.

    • Calci0

      Not sure how much the holiday weekend effected attendance.

      • Steglitz49

        The median among those 5 games is 3521 to be compared with 7440 for the opener in 2016 and that year’s average of 4602 — for what it is worth.

        Time will tell but the attendances in Germany and Sweden have not shot through their roofs and Canada is part of the NWSL.

  • WosoFanatic

    What about the storyline of “Rapinoe Chickens Out and Doesn’t Take a Knee for the National Anthem at her home stadium”. She can’t possibly think the problem she was taking a knee for at away games last year has been solved, can she? If anything it’s probably getting worse. How can stay silent? I never see anything on her Twitter, or Instagram, or Facebook about it and now she’s not even taking a knee. What is happening?

    • Constant Weeder

      The USSF has added a rule specifically to prevent her taking a knee at NT games. I don’t think it applies to league games, but it makes it clear that the most she could hope to accomplish would be to force the NWSL to make a similar rule.

      • WosoFanatic

        That doesn’t apply to the NWSL, she is free to take a knee. Funny that she’s only taken a knee when she’s away from Seattle. The NWSL clearly isn’t interested in making a rule or they would have already made one. If it was important enough to insult millions of people why would she care about a stupid US Soccer rule anyway.

        • DNG

          Didn’t she already say that she was never going to do it forever and that she thought that getting people to talk about it was enough. It seem’s like you’re the one who can’t let it go.

          • WosoFanatic

            Sure, when I want to have a big impact on something I always say I’m not going to stick with this forever I just want to get some people to talk about it. A regular Braveheart.

          • DNG

            Were you a person who supported her kneeling every game or one of the ones who thought it was ridiculous she that she turned a ‘tradition’ into her personal platform. If it’s the former, fine your entitled to that belief. If it’s the latter, it’s clear that you’re just looking for some reason to give Rapinoe grief and I have no time for that.

          • WosoFanatic

            Doesn’t matter if you have time for it and it doesn’t matter if I liked it or didn’t. Just saying it’s hard to believe she had any real intention of actually doing anything other than grabbing some attention for herself. Anyone can take a knee a couple of times. Where’s the outrage about the exact same problems that still exist. Has she moved it to her social media. Of course not, that’s where she promotes her clothing and camps. She won’t even take a knee at her home stadium. Be Bold Megan, Be Brave. Now she has to make sure she continues to get her much bigger paycheck from US Soccer. What a Hypocrite.

          • DNG

            You didn’t answer my question. Did you actually believe in the cause she was fighting for or not. If the answer is not, you were not going to be happy with whatever action Rapinoe took going forward making you a bigger hypocrite to judge her for stopping. If you were someone that supported her originally, I have no problem with you being upset with her. But what do you think trolling her on two different message boards now, that she may not even read, is going to accomplish?

          • DNG

            And she never claimed she was going to keep standing until the problem was fixed. She said she was doing it in support of another player, who has since, stopped kneeling himself.

        • Constant Weeder

          Enough trolling. I’m done with this conversation.

    • Why are you posting this on every article? Move on. Rapinoe has clearly state she will stand for all anthems going forward.

    • guest

      Why do you care so much? Is the scary gay lady hurting your fee fees? I bet you get real excited when big fat President Bone Spurs drops big fat bombs on non-white people too. Muh Patriotism!

  • A_Dog_Without_A_Clutch
    • Steglitz49

      Carli returns to Wembley 5 years on!

    • Steglitz49

      Brum vs Man City at Wembley. Yeehaw!

    • Alex

      Winning penalty from Ellen White, her year is going well so far!

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  • Rdalford

    minor attendance correction.
    Match report for Washington Spirit has 2407 (I know the various tweets and articles have 2400 but assume the official number is the 2407 included in the match report on the Washington Spirit site.

    NWSL attendance – record keeping complaint –
    Not clear how/if/where the NWSL is planning to report match attendance this year?

    for the most part the Game Recap’s on NWSL site do not contain attendance – exception is Portland v Orlando recap which does note the 16145 attendance and so far the Stats pages and Box Score on NWSL site do not contain attendance numbers.

    the match report articles on the various NWSL team sites do (in most cases) have the attendance numbers

    attendance is one measure of interest and a rough indicator of ticket revenue
    would be helpful if NWSL site clarified where “official” (?) NWSL attendance numbers will be reported and whether the attendance record keeping will include the team and league wide *home & away) match running attendance totals and averages.