Wednesday Roundup: FC Barcelona Femení Defeats FC Rosengård in Champions League Match

The Equalizer Staff March 22, 2017 23


Ella Masar signed with Swedish champions FC Rosengard. (Photo Copyright Patti Giobetti for The Equalizer)

Ella Masar went the full 90 as FC Rosengard fell to FC Barcelona Femeni. (Photo Copyright Patti Giobetti for The Equalizer)

FC Rosengård fell to FC Barcelona Femení 1-0 in the first leg of their UEFA Women’s Champions League quarterfinal match in front of Rosengård’s second largest home audience ever for an UWCL match. Leila Ouahabi scored the lone goal in first half stoppage time to give her team the advantage. Rosengård now need to win the second leg by a score that is not 1-0 to advance. A 1-0 result for Rosengard will send the tie to extra time.

Ella Masar, formerly of the Dash and Red Stars, started for Rosengård alongside WPS veterans Ali Riley and Marta. Canadian WNT and former Dash goalkeeper Erin McLeod was on the bench as she finishes her recovery from last year’s knee injury.

Champions League action continues tomorrow as Carli Lloyd and Manchester City take on Fortuna Hjørring, while Alex Morgan and reigning champions Olympique Lyon face off against VfL Wolfsburg in a rematch of last year’s final. Should both City and Lyon win, USWNT teammates Lloyd and Morgan will meet in the semifinal.


Orlando Pride and USWNT goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris has been reunited with longtime goalkeeper coach Lloyd Yaxley down in Orlando. Yaxley was Harris’ goalkeeper coach with the Washington Spirit from 2013 to 2015 before the Florida native was drafted by the Pride in their expansion year. Yaxley remained with the Spirit for a year before joining the Pride this January. Yaxley also trained with Harris at a WNT camp last November for two friendlies against Romania, one of which Harris started.

“I really respect Lloyd, and we have a great partnership together,” Harris said. “He gets me, and I get him, and that’s a really good combination to have with your coach.”


The Tibet Women’s Soccer team announced that they will host a tournament, named The Never Give Up Cup, alongside three Indian teams. The tournament will take place in April in Dehradun, India.

The team made headlines last month when they were denied American visas to participate in the opening ceremonies of the upcoming Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup, an annual international youth soccer tournament in Texas. The players, all of whom hold Nepalese passports or Indian identity certificates issued to Tibetan refugees, were told they had “no strong reason to travel to the United States.” The team plans to attempt to attend the Dallas Cup next year and in the meantime has been invited to compete in the Vancouver International Soccer Festival in Canada in July.


Today USWNT strength and fitness coach Dawn Scott made her third appearance at an NWSL preseason training in as many days. After spending time with both the Boston Breakers and Sky Blue, Scott showed up at Washington Spirit practice today to conduct fitness training. Scott will be visiting all NWSL clubs before preseason is finished. The England native has been with the USWNT since the 2011 World Cup and has long been credited with the Americans’ renowned levels of fitness.


  • Alanna Kennedy had her first practice in Pride purple today.
  • Christine Sinclair returned to the Thorns yesterday.
  • Jess Fishlock is also back in Seattle.
  • Orlando announced single game tickets for sale.



  • Calci0

    Barca with an impressive win away from home! Almost an opposite of the men’s side….

    • Steglitz49

      FC Barcelona wealth $3,549 million. If 0.2% of that goes to the ladies, $7m and if 2% it is $70m. The richest mens club in Sweden is MalmöFF at about $60m. Rosengård is not anywhere near as rich.

      In short, Barcelona ought to win. Welcome to the brave new world of WoSo where WoSo are the side-kicks of BroSo kept by the men. If the men tire, like at Man Utd 10 years ago, bye bye WoSo.

      • Steglitz BlaBla

        Wrong !!!
        Rosengard women spend much more than Barcelona women.
        Don’t try to fool us with theoretical exercises (IF 0,2% goes to the ladies).
        Barcelona doesn’t ought to win. They don’t spend hundred thousands for players like Marta and Schelin

      • Calci0

        So by that logic, they should win the next 3 CL’s…… And by your claim they must have a history of European success?!? Or maybe just give them credit for a solid win away from home…,

  • Rdalford

    re “Orlando announced single game tickets for sale”
    good to see Orlando Pride “fill the bowl” promotional/marketing efforts. Schedule
    looks like grandkids school break week and the Apr 22nd Orlando Pride first home game in new stadium will allow us to take the extended family to this match (as we did to last years opening day Pride match). Looking forward to new stadium experience.

    for what it is worth, most of the other NWSL teams also already have single game tickets on sale, exceptions are Chicago (March 27th announced as date for single game tickets to go on sale) and FCKC (“soon” per FCKC website).

  • Ethan

    Considering how many commenters here talk about technique and touch, I think the article should have specifically mentioned the poor touch (and awareness) from the Rosengard player that was very critical to Barcelona’s goal.

    • DNG

      Kind of reminded me of this goal but worse. Rosengard player has no awareness of the danger closing on her. And compounds the poor touch error with an errant pass.

      • Ethan

        Definitely poor awareness from Johnston there. Forgot about that goal.

        I didn’t mention the errant pass because I thought her only move there after her poor touch was to try and poke it to her teammate. Now that I’ve thought about it more though, I suppose she could have gone to ground to make contact with the ball and maybe cause the Barcelona player to trip in her attempt to get to the ball. I don’t know. I was also surprised that the other Rosengard player didn’t attempt a sliding block on the goal. The major error was her teammate’s, but that was a pretty half-hearted attempt to stop the shot.

    • Steglitz49

      At the time of the goal Rosengard was playing one short because the substitute for Schelin had not yet come on the pitch.

      My interpretation of the goal is slightly different. The Rosengård players seem to have assumed that the ref would blow for a penalty. When no whistle came, they were left flatfooted.

      • sudeep das

        Yeah they assumed the ref will blow the whistle for a penalty and just froze. However the speed of play is less compared with the USWNT.

        • Steglitz49

          FC Barcelona has more money than the USWNT generates so they don’t need to play so fast.

          It ain’t over till the final whistle blows. Fat ladies do not (seem to) sing at Champions league matches.

        • JL

          That’s one of my biggest annoyances when it comes to soccer- defenders stop playing and raise their arms looking for a call from the ref while the opposition blows past them to score. That almost knocked the US out of the 2011 WC. Boxx turned away from Marta for a second to call for an offside on Brazil and Marta ended up scoring.

          • john

            Long was doing that in the France game looking for offside calls. She wasn’t ever right. Sauerbrunn even said something to her at one point.

      • Ethan

        I don’t think so. The Rosengard player pretty much immediately called off her teammate and was looking to continue play. Her touch was simply very poor.

  • Steglitz49

    Rosengård can, of course, still win the tie by beating Barcelona by 2 goals in Barcelona.

    The match, indeed the whole QF, illustrates the brave new world that is WoSo in Europe and may well become in the US. WoSo being subsidized by BroSo.

    Barcelona, well understood, has enormous resources. They come from the men’s side. Barcelona is the 2nd wealthiest men’s club valued at €3,549 million. In contrast MalmöFF, the richest men’s team in Sweden, is said to be about $60 million. Thus, if Barcelona spent 2% on their ladies what they spend on their men, they would be spending more than Malmö can spend in total.

    Briefly, Rosengård used to be the ladies team of the men’s Malmö FF. The women left MFF because they felt they were not getting a fair share of the money and became LdB Malmö. When their main sponsor quit they ran into financial problem, and to sort out the mess, the city council created Rosengård to pay off the debt. During this it emerged that the city used the tax-payers money to sponsor the men’s team 10-15 times more than the ladies team.

    • Tom F

      actually Rosengard can win the series by one goal as long it’s by score of 2-1 or more, As long as they win the game, away goals count as double,
      How much does Barca actually spend on it’s women’s program?; Probably less than 1/10th of one percent.
      Don;t act like Sweden doesn’t have a lot of money. FACT; Sweden has more billionaires(12 most in the world) per capita than any nation on earth. Since you always act that Sweden’s so small(like everybody knows each other) so next time why don’t you ask one of your billionaire buddies to spend some money on Sweden’s woso!

      • Caroltsaunders

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      • Steglitz49

        The NWSL has expanded by adding MLS-funded teams. What could be clearer?

        • guest

          He’s right:

          country billionaires population (M’s) ratio
          swi 29 8 3.6
          swe 23 9,8 2.3
          usa 536 324 1.6
          ger 120 81 1.4
          fra 47 65 0.7

          More proof that Switzerland is the rottenest country in Europe.

          • guest

            country…….billionaires….population (M’s)…….ratio

          • guest

            Test to see if tabs work:

            country billionaires population (M’s) ratio
            SWI 29 8 3.6
            SWE 23 9,8 2.3
            USA 536 324 1.6
            GER 120 81 1.4
            FRA 47 65 0.7

    • Alex

      I don’t beleive that Barca women outspend Rosengard one bit. While I’m sure Barca have increased their funding of the womens side over the past few years, they aren’t loaded with foreign stars who they signed on big contracts. Whereas Rosengard always has been, they even have Marta, who definitely doesn’t come cheap.