Tuesday Roundup: Breakers fill out coaching staff sans Cat Whitehill

The Equalizer Staff March 14, 2017 37

Also in today’s roundup, the Red Stars get snowed out, Alex Morgan bags a hat trick, Tine Schyvers is out of the Euro’s for Belgium plus sites and sounds from around NWSL preseason

Paul McHugh is the newest addition to the Breakers coaching staff. Cat Whitehill will not be on the staff this season. (photo copyright Linehan Photography for The Equalizer)

Paul McHugh is the newest addition to the Breakers coaching staff. Cat Whitehill will not be on the staff this season. (photo copyright Linehan Photography for The Equalizer)

The Boston Breakers completed their coaching staff on Tuesday by naming Paul McHugh as assistant coach under Matt Beard. McHugh will join Beard and goalkeeper coach Neill Caine. Former Breakers player Cat Whitehill, who served as an assistant in 2016, is no longer with the organization in any official capacity.

McHugh, a native of Newcastle, brings a wealth of global coaching experience to Boston. He has served on the coaching staffs for Minneapolis United, East Durham Football Academy, Sunderland AFC Academy, Newcastle United Football Academy and in the Peru National Team youth system.

“It’s great to have him on board. He has a wealth of experience, working at Newcastle United Football Club and also as a coach educator in England, spanning more than 20 years,” Beard said. “He also has a great personality, which I feel will enable us to work well together and create a good balance with the team.”

The task in Boston is to raise the Breakers off the bottom of the table, where they have resided the last two seasons. They are the only original NWSL club yet to reach the postseason. Beard overhauled the roster over the winter including a series of trades that gave him four 1st round picks. Rose Lavelle, the first overall pick from Wisconsin, recently made her debut with the senior U.S. national team.

Red Stars forced to cancel preseason match

The heavy snow that has hit much of the country this week has taken its toll on the Chicago Red Stars preseason schedule. The club announced on Tuesday that the preseason match against the University of Wisconsin scheduled for Thursday has been cancelled.

The Red Stars will now open preseason play at the Thorns tournament in Portland. They open March 26 against the Thorns and later play the Dash and the U-23 national team.

Morgan gets first goal for Lyon…then two more

Sunday in France, Alex Morgan scored her first goal since joining Lyon and then added two more for the hat trick. Morgan’s contributions accounted for half of Lyon’s goals in a 6-0 French Cup thrashing of Rodez. The win put Lyon into the semifinals where they will face second division Henin-Beaumont away on Easter Sunday. For Morgan it was also her first 90-minute outing of 2017.

Lyon’s chief rival Paris Saint-Germain is through to the other semi but not without some drama as they required penalties to vanquish Juvist after a 1-1 draw. PSG are home for the semifinal against Saint-Etienne. Lyon are looking for their sixth consecutive French Cup. The last team beside Lyon to win the event was Saint-Etienne.

In league play, Lyon lead PSG by 4 points with seven matches to play. Morgan could see more action Saturday away to ASPTT Albi.

Morgan is expected back in the United States and with Orlando Pride by the end of June.

Tine Schryvers to miss Euro’s for Belgium

Tine Schryvers announced via her Twitter account on Tuesday that she will miss the European Championships for Belgium this summer. The striker tweeted a picture of herself in a hospital bed with the lower part of her right leg wrapped in a cast. She will also miss the start of the Swedish season. Schryvers plays for Kristianstads DFF. The news came down on Saturday, Schryvers’s 24th birthday.

Tine Schryvers is a name that should be familiar to ardent fans of the college game. She played most of her college career at the University of Tulsa. For Belgium she has made a mark in limited time. Schryvers earned her first cap in the 2016 Algarve Cup and bagged her first goal in the 5th place match, which the Red Flames won 5-0 against Russia. At year end she had made 7 appearances and scored 3 goals.

Belgium, without Schryvers, will play in Group A in the Euros. They are drawn against Norway, Denmark and the host Netherlands.

Sites and sounds from NWSL preseason



  • guest

    Well if EQ wants to take notice of hat tricks by Americans playing in Europe
    Savannah Jordan also scored (another) hat trick for Glasgow City

    “Pre-season signing Savannah Jordan scored her second hat-trick in her second competitive game for City”

    • Arcie Tillydee

      SWPL. Competitive game. Pick one…

      Of course, same can be said for Division 1 Féminine if it’s not OL v PSG.

      • Steglitz49

        Better number one in Gaul than number two in Rome.

      • A_Dog_Without_A_Clutch


        GCFC vs. Hibernian LFC
        Hibernian LFC vs. Celtic WFC
        Hibernian LFC vs. Spartans WFC
        Celtic WFC vs. Spartans WFC


        OL vs. PSG
        PSG vs. MHSC
        Juvisy vs. MHSC
        Juvisy vs. PSG
        OL vs. MHSC
        OM vs. ASSE
        OM vs. GdB

  • A_Dog_Without_A_Clutch

    Savannah Jordan Hat-Trick during GCFC’s SWPL ’17 debut:

    Fiorentina loses its first match in Serie A Femminile:

    Turbine Potsdam stay atop Frauen Bundesliga thanks to a solo goal by Lia Walti:

    Brasileiro Feminino kicked off their season, title contenders Gremio FBPA won with a late penalty time goal:

    Atletico de Madrid gets 11 past UD Tacuense to stay atop the Primera Division Femenino:

    Also, this weekend was the highest scoring round for the Primera Division:

    Also, former Washington Spirit, Estefania Banini scored a brace during a 5-o victory for Valencia CF to keep their faint CL hopes alive:

    • DNG

      Rooting for Jordan hope she returns next year.

  • Steglitz49

    Did Tine Schryvers break her leg?

  • Tom F

    here’s my pick as the best current player in the world, Pernille Harder. Watch the one goal she scores at the end with an incredible first touch

    • Damn, that’s sweet. 4:57.

      • Steglitz49

        Pernille was voted top player in Damallsvenskan two years in a row.

        This season she went to the Shewolves while her team-mates Stina Blackstenius, she of the goal on the Glorious 12th aka Bomb in Brasilia, went to Montpellier and Fridolina Rolfö, she who was wounded after 15 min on the Glorious 12th so Stina came on, went to Bayern Munich.

        Thus, although Linköping won Damallsvenskan last season and will play in the Champions League in the fall, their hopes of advancement are slim.

    • Steglitz49

      The Matildas are not beyond fouling when they can’t cope.

      If these highlights are representative, the Matildas did not cope. Lost to Sweden too.

  • Tom F

    my pre season pick to have at least the best record is the Red Stars~~~at least 4 players got to get duty on the NT; Press, Naeher, Johnston & Short. But over at the recently completed Australian W;League; Huerta, DiBernadino, Colaprico, Hoy, Gilliland, , Mautz & Naughton all had great seasons. and that’s why all that experience of continuous play, might just give them an edge!

    • DNG

      They have yet to prove to me that they can get significant goal production from sources other than Press. I think that’s what’s holding them back. I don’t think they will finish with the best record.

      • Tom F

        Press is basically the lone striker in their set up. The Red Stars came in 3rd in league standings last year, so they had a pretty good season. With the new experience of so many playing over in Australia this year, their only going to get better

        • DNG

          We’ll see how this year goes but Dames has traditionally played with 2 CF in a 4-4-2 diamond. They did come in third last year and have 2 very good midfielders in Colaprico and Dibernardo. Their outside backs have been pretty solid as well. However, they still struggled to score goals all year and at the moment I don’t see where the added production comes from.

  • Breakers fan

    What happened to the Lyon/Morgan goal watch? Oh yeah, it’s only for when she doesn’t score. Carry on.

    • A_Dog_Without_A_Clutch

      How ’bout a former (very briefly) Boston Breaker Ketlen goal watch?

      Count: 1

      • Breakers fan

        I remember her! She came and went very quickly – long before the other Brazilians that Durkin enticed to come. He spoke Portuguese I remember reading. It was cool how he did bring in a group of Brazilians. The best one was a midfielder who’s name is escaping me at the moment – she made Brazil’s WC roster but didn’t play much if at all there.

    • DNG

      I don’t know what you’re looking for here. Did it ever even extend beyond comments on one article? That’s hardly a Lyon/Morgan goal watch.

      The expectation is that Morgan as supposedly one of the best forwards in the world would score goals playing for the best team in the world. Again I hope she does well and comes back a better player but scoring a hat-trick against Rodez doesn’t do much to move the needle for me. They are a bottom of the table team with a -24 goal differential through 15 games.

      • Breakers fan

        We were hearing about every Lyon match. Sometimes you have to be able to read between the lines.
        I can only hope you’re being sincere and honest when you say “I hope she does well”. It’s certainly not the sentiment I would expect you to have and there is also definitely zero obligation to feel one way or another. But, as is, I’m happy to hear this. I was waiting for the inevitable qualification of her goals – glad it arrived! Let’s make sure we hear it for Le Sommer, Hederberg et al each time they score against such teams.

        • DNG

          I root for all US player whether I like them as players or not. That doesn’t mean I won’t give my opinion on whether or not I think they belong on the NT or deserve to start. All we’ve heard from years about Lyon and the French team is that their league is a bunch of tomato cans and beating up on them does not make them a good NT. People have definitely said the same things about ELS and the other French strikers. Some probably about Hegerberg as well. I say it about all of the US players when they play teams like Thailand.

          • Breakers fan

            Not to get too psychoanalytical here but I’m inferring from your comments that what happened was you were very happy that a US player had a breakthrough in her overseas venture with a hat trick but it wasn’t worthy of a comment, or the one comment it was worthy of was that the goals were basically meaningless. I have to assume that since you must pride yourself on consistency that you’ve made the same comment, even if made once about all of them, about scores of goals from Le Sommer and Hederberg in their French league play – mostly all of their goals in that league are meaningless and do not indicate in any real way that they’re good players. We need evidence elsewhere, unless they score against PSG, Montpellier or 1 or 2 other decent teams in that league – that you’ve made this comment, as you just made it against Morgan. As previously discussed, although I acknowledge it’s much easier to get in scoring position against weaker teams, that chances are likely much more plentiful I try to get beyond the jersey team name and look at the goals scored – 2 of Morgan’s were good finishes, one was excellent. She gets credit for that from me. But for you since the other team is named something you think that rules out the actions of good finishes. Is that correct for you? I just want to make sure I know how you view soccer so I can tell you how I disagree, which here I would disagree with you. And that would extend to Le Sommer and Hederberg – likely I’ll give them a lot more credit than you in the French league.

          • DNG

            I only commented at all because of your comment that basically insinuated that Morgan has somehow been mistreated. I felt that your comment was somewhat directed at me. I’m not going to talk about ELS or Hegerberg because they really aren’t the subject here or really that important to me. I am not talking or commenting about them because I don’t care if they score goals against easy opponents, I care how Morgan is developing as a player

            I never said Morgan’s goals were meaningless I said they didn’t move the needle, or excite if you want me to write plainly, for me. If your asking what I think would be meaningful, it’s not production against any particular team. It’s really about her adding to her game in positive was that lead to additional means of on top of what she already does well and putting it into practice in challenging conditions.

            On the goals specifically. The first was a tap in following a quick counter and pass from Thomis across the keepers face. Not much new to talk about there but she took care of business. The second was one that you probably would have been impressed with but also something we’ve seen before. She picked up the ball and took a touch towards the end line(worsening the angle) before finishing it with a hard shot on goal. The third was a rebound goal. So from the goals I conclude not much new but she’s at least finishing the chances she should

            Now just because I’m not high on any of these goals individually does not mean that Morgan is not getting better as a player. I would need to have actually watched the whole match to see if she has been working on the things I have said were weakness in her game. A bunch of those things don’t have anything to do with scoring at all.

          • Breakers fan

            So, yes, things are looking up for Morgan – good news from France!

          • Breakers fan

            Also, FYI, I’m watching March Madness and so don’t have time for a discussion – not that I have much to add anyway.

          • mockmook

            Is worsening the angle always the worst option?

            Was it this time?

          • DNG

            It’s not always the worse option. It would be the best option if say there was lots of help inside or the defender was taking away the cut inside path. On this play I don’t have a problem with this. The only reason I mentioned it was to illustrate something I think most people who have watched Morgan have seen her do.

          • DNG

            Just watched the 2nd goal again and I would say that a player comfortable cutting inside and taking the shot with their right foot should have. There was definitely room to do so here but a turn/dribbling cut like that to the inside onto Morgan’s right foot is not her strength. She scored so it’s a little difficult to question her too much.

          • #1Fan

            I concur. To see if Morgan is benefiting from her time there you would want to see improvements in

            – run quality and timing
            – technical finishing
            – combination play

            Goals in and of themselves dont move the needle for me eitherr.

            WRT to ELS. its the things listed above that make her a top player for me. Not the number of goals she scores. On the top teams ALL the forwards score becasue they are largely on the better team in every game. I look at other aspects of their games to differentiate them

          • Steglitz49

            The matches against the Shewolves will give you and DNG the answers. Let’s trust they are positive.

          • Steglitz49

            What sets the truly great apart is succeeding when it matters, whether it is scoring goals or winning races, they do it when the chips are down. They deliver when it is a must, not an optional extra.

  • guest

    US hosting Japan and Australia for a let’s pick the most jetlagged opponent “tournament” this summer. I really hope some of the money filters to their players.

    • Guester

      10 Japanese teenagers drew the USWNT last year so anything is possible

    • ABCDE

      And Brazil. At least they are attempting to play non-tomato cans. Even if they would be more likely to lose abroad…

  • Silver Frost

    Is Cat Whitehill in broadcasting these days? If so, then the pay on TV is much better than asst coach for the Breakers.

  • Ethan

    Not surprised that Weatherholt held out the longest out of the Orlando Pride players. In terms of overall play, I was more impressed by her than I was by Edmonds. Both will have to be in good form for Orlando to perform better this year.

    • DNG

      Orlando should be better defensively. Scoring goals will likely still be an issue. Not sure I see them doing better than bottom 3 without a marquee signing between now and the start of the season. Even Marta I don’t think makes them a guaranteed playoff team.